my birthday

this is a delayed journal.... i knoe... because as far as everybody knoes, my birthday was last friday, eryt? neway, i just want to tell everybody that im not very happy growing up because i want to be 18 forever. it's wierd i knoe but that's what i want... im already 19! the heck! neway... can't blame anyone especially myself... that's the way life goes and being 18 comes only to a person once in his lifetime. when i became 18, i was sooo happy, well, because i can do legal things that adults only can do, like having a driver's license, etc. it feels so free that you can even watch a movie in a moviehouse watever the movie's rating would be. knoe wat i mean huh? wahehehe... it's really a freedom! yet freedom parallels obligations and duties. when i turned 18, i had to adjust into becoming a grown-up person, i mean to an adult being, a young adult's the term i guess... it's really hard although fun. wherein sometimes you have to do things on your own not depending on your parents. i experienced this because im now away from my parents for my college. at first it was hard yet i tried enjoying what i was going through making it easier for me. i believe experience really develops and matures a person mentally and emotionally. i realized that you have to commit a lot of mistakes to learn a lot of things. mistakes make me grow. flaws in life are just obstacles like in a race wherein you have to overcome them in order to get your goals. you have to face problems because they will run after you if you don't. and in facing problems, you can either win or loss. and you must learn to accept whenever you loss... these things helped me in becoming a better person, a much responsible person. now that i think im too old eventhough im just 19, i want to clean my life with flaws from the past like be friending with the persons i had a gap with, i knoe it would be hard yet this is a nice thing to do especially now that im living a happy life. 19 opens another world in my life that i don't knoe what i will get yet i knoe that God is always there to guide me in everything i do. i simply hope and pray for myself that i can achieve my dreams in life in God's own plans and will, meaning living with my real purpose on earth. ciao!

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Anonymous said...

wow you're right... its really hard to accept the fact that we're not getting any younger anymore. The more we grow up the more responsibilities we get. It has two sides, we get more rights but we also get more duties. Thats life. You cant break the least you can find way to enjoy it, right? well for dackie (my classmate) just stay put and keep your feet on the ground...see ya around

Anonymous said...

hi. you're right there.. going to a so-called "adult stage" is a part exciting, a part risky, and a part ever-changing."
Boring na buhay pag adult ka na...
you'll handle responsibilities in life.. everyday is a JOB day. lalo na pag medtech ka na..
hehehe... for me, adult stage will definitely be very different. "NEW way of life" yan, for sure..
kaya.. tumatanda na tayu.. dapat, magsaya na tayu before it'stoo late.. heheheh..
belated/....HAPPY BIRTHDAY. thanx sa blow-out!! peace out dude!!

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