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i just got home from school. oh-oh, it's raining cats and dogs! hehe... my exams were okay i mean, my exams today but my exam yesterday will definitely make a maudlin person cry... very dramatic... i almost cried yesterday with my microbiology lecture exam well, look! i knoe it's just a monthly exam but hey, that would pull my grades down and halerrrr (as my seatmate vita would always add when she talkes) we're already in 3rd year! well, im not tellin you that i failed my exam but it was so damn hard and im not sure yet about passing or what. i just hope and pray that behind this hard pouring rain that im going through right now is a bright new day! wow! how corny... after this, ill gonna sleep and review after...
for the past month there were people who were acting wierd. i can't tell why they were like that, a sudden change with their lifestyle? ooowwwkkaaayyy.... first is aaron, he's been acting so wierd lately, really wierd... he's becoming a nerd. i let him borrow my britney dvd (you must see her singing her song 'breath on me' yeah hot!) neway, he heven't watched it yet! LOL... he have it for days... he said he's been studying all day, whole weekend. i asked him what's wrong with you, he just said that he's becoming a nerd. he really said that to me. there were no problems about his grades before but now, he just changed into that! aaron is such a hairstyle fad, he's a guy but yeah, from the long F4 look before to those spikey hair. he had them. everytime there's a new haircut, he'll have it. now he's tellin me that he can't even do his hair by himself, i mean he used to put on gel on his hair but now, i dunno... he's applying gel but seems to be not caring on what's the style of his hair. he's a  pseudo-nerd i may say, yet he's still that cool friend although sometimes it seems like he's changing too much but i hope he'll not. did it affected his social life? sheena is our friend who just have a boyfriend. i call her sheena-mon. this semester, he rented an apartment near the campus because of our hectic schedule. she's from pque neway. i can say she's also acting different, i dunno, maybe because she was not already eating lunch with us because she has an apartment or maybe yeah because she has a boyfriend now... maybe because i just missed her, we simply missed her, and it's been a long time that we haven't "talked" so we're missing a lot from her because it seems like i don't knoe her now, i hope she'll eat lunch with us soon. ryt? kenneth, my brother in ust had gone a makeover of himself, i mean not the physical make-over but he just started playing basketball, which we don't used to because it's not our sport, we play different sports. he played last week with some of our blockmates opposing the biochemistry team, wow... and luckily they won. hehehe...  maybe they'll have their game again tomrow, gudluck! liezel, i haven't observed any changes about her yet and im not asking for a change, but on thursday, she'll be turning 19! happy birthday ate liezel! wahahaha...  she tole us about ryan sua, dude, my kababayan, a while ago that she saw him with this nursing girl, it didn't amazed us because it's not a new thing for us although she's keeping it from us especially from me and kenneth. i just can't believe it... that's another wierd thing. i knoe he's very happy right now with his status. i knoe he's in-luv with this nursing girl that he would not even tell us her name! damn it! im just joking... anyway... i hope we soon get to knoe this lucky girl huh?
lastly, for the past week, i met and greeted some more friends that i often see like darwin, a high school friend who i saw hiding at the back of his friend when he saw me looking at him... wahaha... he's in our building, how odd... he wasn't supposed to be there but he was. april "randel", another high school friend who i saw walking on the corridor unfortunately haven't greeted him because im talking with someone. i also met my classmate in softball when we were in first year... he's from g-medtech but i can't remember his name. i met him in the photocopy shop yesterday... i didn't noticed him but he just talked to me so we shared comments about the microbiology lec exam. i also smiled at zaida from a-medtech, former groupmate in MTS when we were in our 2nd year. i also met derick a member of TORQUE party who won as PRO. btw, i also had dinner with my 2 high school "friends" egoi and barbie @ katipunan, i had i great time. er, i also met sonia, another high school friend @ rockwell powerplant mall. i was shocked because she was the one who first saw me and she just said "james?!" then we talked for a while then parted ways. she's still the same but she said i've changed a lot, i guess she meant, physically.
people change and tend to grow... life's like that. im now asking myself, have i changed? how much? too much? is it good for myself? does it do good for others? whew...

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avic :) said...

well..dackie!! keep in mind that the only permanent thing in this world comes with a six letter word and that is ::: C H A N G E ::: well,everything changes and so people do!! so, dont be mazed or surprised or somthin!!.. hehehe.. thats for now!! be bak some oder day coz i alrdy created my own ayt!! :) hope you appreciate it!

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