waiting in "vain?"

it is the word of the year 2003. METROSEXUAL. at first i thought it's a new identification for sexual preferences like heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual. but im wrong... im stupid i knoe... a metrosexual person, as i found it out is a person particularly men who might be straight, gay or bisexual but preferably straight, who takes care of himself -- pampers himself -- and is not ashamed of getting facials, buying grooming products, and shopping.
am i a metrosexual? first, let me know if i fall under its categories.
1.) im a masculine
2.) im str8.
3.) i like pampering myself like going to the gym.
4.) i had a facial.
5.) i buy grooming materials and products.
6.) i shop for myself.
why yes... i could be a metrosexual person... but if you rate me 1 to 10, 10 as the highest, im only 5. im not really a vain human being, im actually just a simple guy... meaning practical. i have male friends and have met a lot of guys who does more than what i do to which i consider as vain and i think im not really vain. yes i mean it.
i do like pampering myself because it relaxes me and drains me off from every heavy loads i take when i go to school. as you all know, medtech is the most toxic course in college, not only because we deal with many toxic chemicals but also our schedule and the load of subjects we take every semester is sooo heavy. i mean sometimes you take 4 quizzes per day plus one practical exam if you're lucky, hehehe... so sometimes, if i still have time, i got to the gym near our place to relax myself. it's not actually tiring to go to the gym, some (i also thought before) might think it is but if you'll enjoy doing it, it will turn out to be a very nice relaxation place. i haven't been to the gym for like 2 weeks already because of the exams but i'd love to go and work-out again... it's really relaxing... pampering myself can also be having a new haircut and a hot oil.
i had facials during summer because my younger brother, my mom and dad used to have it so when i went with my mom and my brother to the clinic, my mom told me to try it as well because she said it feels great afterwards because it cleans your pores in the face removing whiteheads and blackheads. at first i thought it would be very painful and yeah it was, it made me cry. but when i had my second time about a week after, it's not that painful anymore. it really felt nice after having a facial because my face feels very clean and having a clean face would take pimples away. but now it's been a month not having one and im looking forward of having another soon as i got home to pangasinan.
grooming is very important. it belongs to 50% of the pogi points you can have. it's not limited to the girls to groom and be very clean and hygienic. it's also important for us men. here are the things i do to groom myself:
1.) clean face. cleaning the face not just with an ordinary soap but with a facial wash because soaps can dry skin and it cannot clean deep down into your pores. facial washes are safe to use and can remove oils and dirts so it's a no-no not washing your face before sleeping. you can buy facial wash in supermarkets and it's cheap yet very effective. if you're prone to pimples, you can use pimple treatment products like 'clear pore' by neutrogena that i use. also try having a moisturizer to look young all the time. it's also advisable to use sunblock because sun can really damages skin especially the face. use lip balm for chapped lips caused by drop of temperature or sun exposure.
2.) clean nails... i mean toenails and fingernails... it's an ultimate turn-on to women having clean nails. it involves trimming the nails personally or having it professionally done and brushing it while taking a shower.
3.) shaving... shaving facial hairs with a rozorblade or an electric shaver... electric shaver saves time and t'will not cause scars on your face unlike razorblades wherein it also needs a shaving cream and a skill for doing it. trimming the hairs down there is also a nice thing to do, you probably wouldn't want it bushy and long ryt?
4.)  smell fresh. this involves having to take a bath at least twice a day, applying deodorants on underarm or body and a choice of perfume that matches the mood. wearing perfume must not suffocate someone especially yourself... two to three sprays in the body is enough. in taking a shower or a bath, this involves a complete bath at least once a day using a scrub or lufa. use body scrubs at least once a week to exfoliate dead skin cells.
5.) pressed and a personality reflecting clothes. don't wear too fitted and too loose clothes. very fitted clothes can give you a wrong impression being a gay especially a red colored shirt. if having to wear a fitted clothes, use black, gray or whites only. too loose clothes are not for men to wear. boys can wear them but men. also have a nice clean shoes but sometimes a not so clean (sneakers) will do (but not on the leather shoes) because it looks better to the leather shoes clean and shiney.
6.) doing the hair. this can be done by simply brushing the hair until set or putting a gel, cream, oil or any styling agent then style. be sure to have a haircut that reflects you and matches you because girls are attracted to guys with nicely done hair. just be careful in using such products because they can do great damages into the hair.
shopping is the most difficult to do especially us guys but trying to enjoy it would make it fun as well and in fact, grooming is next to shopping because you can't groom if you don't shop, eryt? i shop myself bacause i can choose what i want to buy but shopping with your mom, girlfriend or a female friend also has an advantage because they can give comments to what you'll buy because ladies have nice taste when it comes to clothes, not only female clothes but also male clothes. to thank them for the effort and time, you can treat them a cup of coffee afterwards or a dinner in a nice restaurant. clothes and accesories are not investments, the styles changes every season as you notice. buying expensive clothes is very impractical and immature especially to us teenage students who still depends on the money from our parents. but i also don't like buying bargain clothes except when it looks really nice, good quality, not an immitation and comfortable to use. what i do is that i shop wisely. if the clothe or accesory i want to buy is expensive yet it's not worth it, i don't buy it. i just buy expensive ones when it's really nice. and neway,  why buy expensive clothes ryt now if next month it will be on the sale rack pricing only 70% off its original price, ryt? i shop only when it's sale. that 50-70% is a big savings even if it's only 20% off. you can treat yourself with a grande frap after shopping from that 20% off the price of the pants you bought. rustan's yearly have a mid-year sale wherein their products drop to 50-70% from its original prices, so i bet rustan's give the best sale because you can also assure the best products from them. stores like guess, U2, girbaud, levi's and many more also give big discounts. things i've learned in shopping:
1.) if there's a clothe on sale and it looks nice to you, buy it now. if you'll return later, maybe thinking whether to buy it or not, it's possible that it's already been bought by someone else if you'll come back for it.
2.) some items are put in sale because it has only a single size or stock, so buy it now if it's your size.
3.) sometimes, clothes are on sale because they have defects, be sure to check them.
some stores i recommend:
U by rustan's - they have nice shirts at low price.
levi's - known for good quality and any-season style of pants.
girbaud - cheap wallets and sneakers, also gives great sales with their pants.
guess - big sale and nice quality.
bodyshop - they have complete grooming lines for men.
watson's - grooming products not bought in bodyshop.
human - try their scrubs, sleepers and "pambahay"
bench - sando's, undies (nice red ed. hipsters), slippers, gels and styling products, "pambahay clothes"
blued - nice tops.
many more... can't enumerate them all ryt now.
generation of men becomes dynamic. it moved into the world of women. before, it's not appropriate or it's so wrong doing what a metrosexual man is doing. but now, there are a lot of guys who are metrosexual. yet us, men change lifestyles, our being gentlemen and loving and caring to the ladies still remains as our unique traits. i read an article in the newspaper that male 'beauty' products are increasing in demands. i believe that people differ from one another but some might still think metrosexual is so wrong but it's not, it's a reality dude, it's happening. just don't wear make-ups, it makes a big difference and that doesn't qualify. and also, time really changes the world, the fads before are different to the fads right now... it's also the same. there will always be a new fad...
some said females are more attracted to metrosexuals... oh yeah? but i don't believe so because what matter is the personality of each person. it could but, i knoe that physical attraction comes first yet, personality completes it and it gives a deeper sense. and for that matter, i believe that no matter how people change, how they change their lifestyle, it's the inner us who still plays an important role of showing what we really are and through that, it attaches us to a person complementing our personality. so get real guys... show your inner you... express what feel and think what you think is right and be proud of it. don't lie on us... damn lies...

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