why im here?

Heyheyhey. Look who's on blogspot! Hee. I thought you ain't gonna put yourself through this stressful posting-blog-stuff? Hee. Or so I thought. Oh, I forgot.. Ima post a comment, right? Well... I've got nothing to say really. Good for you, you've got blogspot to vent about your busy and toxic life. Hee. Anyway, keep posting! And yeah, God bless you on your exams! See yah around... :p [Advance Happy Birthday! Me first! Me first! Aheehee.. :p]

dat message was from barbie... kulits! ryt? neway, my 2 exams wuld be 2pm later and so i still have time to do this. neway, im here because 1.) i wrote before that i need an energy vent for myself, and for me, this is how i do it, through writing. 2.) im very open about myself, what you see is what you get, in short im real so im not afraid of showing my journal to everyone eryt? 3.) i did this before with myspace.com and with another one like this with my cousin mel but i was busy having no time updating it so... and! blogspot is better, so i was also encouraged to sign up yet there's a downside in this blogspot, can't upload a pic, it has a long process to do it, hopefully with my busy sked... hmp! i'll think about it...
neway, actually i haven't reviewd well yet because when im reviewin it's like i hav reviewed it a hundred million times already. though, i still have enough time and my mind is very fresh right now, all i need is a yummy breakfast to fill me up, then ill continue reviwin again. i hate it when i leave the house late because there would be no FX nemore, last resort? jeepney. can't take a cab dude, remember? im broke. hehehe... what if i leave now so i can take an FX and just reviw in the library? well, er, maybe but it would be better eating lunch here @ home.
i haven't bought my sketchpad yet, ms jorge would like us to buy that 37 pesos best buy notbook that you can only buy at national bookstore morayta branch! hey! im a moraytaphobic person, when i was in my first year, college, my wallet was stolen in morayta containing a lot of cash, don't ask how mush, and important IDs eg. license.neway, ill try searchin on saturday after my class on parasitology.
i have nothin to say nemore so i guess this is all for today, wrap!

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