fresh start this august! sure?

wow! my blog's improving huh? got a pic! a green duck picture... hehehe.... got my new message board and a visitor counter! it's not just a new look for my blog but i also discovered a new style of what i think will improve my grades because i think that there's no progress regarding my academic grades... and i'll not tell you my new technique yet! hehehe... i need to see if it really works then ill share it with you. suppose to be, ill be posting my first august post this coming weekend but i need to use the computer for my biostatistics and MTLE(medtech laws and ethics) and im waiting for my groupmates to send me through email the data that i will use for the powerpoint presentation. and while waiting, here's a chance for me to do this thing.
prelims started with nothing new but still a busy schedule. first day of prelims class, the profs already gave us lessons. what's new? neway, that's 2 weeks ago already... hehehe... first week of august... will i have a good luck this month? in my studies and social life? harhar... i dunno... i believed that our life was already planned, we just don't knoe about it, but now im starting to believe that we make our destiny, that if you want to be rich, then you must do something to attain it, and if you're a loser, then it's your fault. i don't knoe why... maybe because i don't see any miracle in my life that makes me believe that something impossible in life be possible. look, eventhough i try very hard studying, i don't reap the right fruits that ima suppose to get. so i must say that i should exert more energy than to what i usually do? i think what im doing is enough to say im really studying hard but i don't get the point why im not yet improving. i can't answer this right now... im really having this problem... a big Q! and while thinking this problem, it's getting worse, i get a hard time studying my lessons because i lose concentration and i feel really bad about it. and the worst is, sometimes i just ignore this problem pretending that i have already solved it by accepting the fact that it's happening to me so that i can concentrate with my studies and not be distracted for it keeps running in my head. i need a break... i need help... or maybe im the only one who can solve my dilemma.
neway, i dunno how i will get a piece of my shit for a stool sample needed by the interns! whew... damn it yeah!  we are required to do so but i don't want to. wahehehe.... they instructed us that we need to put to the stool container the last portion of our shit and i think that would be a tought thing to do! imagine how hard it is... at first i really don't get how to do it until a friend of mine really step-by-step explained it to me as in every details. the students who will give stool samples are from seat numbers 1 to 33, im on seat 25 and i just hate it because it was supposed to be in random order but that's how our good and wise class president tole us to do because he's in seat 35+. really unfair... owkay... i need to rest because i have to review later for my MTLE class... damn MTLE! hmp! later...

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