mediocre host

last friday was the finale of the road trip extra challenge. the challengers are alex de rossi, mel soriano, sheree hotbabe, alicia "manzano" and this unknown-to-me guy before from abs-cbn and now in the fantaserye marinara. my 2 female friends were discussing about what had happened to alicia in baguio city when they have to make "limos" to the by passers. the rules are they were not supposed to move nor talk, they just have to stand there holding their cans for the "limos" and it happened that alicia was put into a place where there are these hoodlums kissing her as they put 1 peso coin every kiss. you can see that alicia almost lose her control while the maniacs kept doing that to her. when the challenge ended, alicia's mad and she told the maniacs that she respects the citizens of baguio but she just lost her respect to them because of what they did to her. then she went to the van crying and also mad to the staffs of extra challenge. she even said something like what if edu(manzano) would see what they did to her.
before, i dunno how i will react with this topic. i think alicia has the right to express what she felt about that horrible experience she had because she's a woman, and she must never be treated like that, it was really a traumatic and gruesome experience to a kind of woman she is. but it's still extra challenge, they are the top-rated reality show here in the philippines and because of those kind of challenges, they managed to get the high rates from the viewers. there were a lot of cases already where challengers cry out loud because of the challenge but they accepted the challenge so they must do it till end, or if not quit at that very moment. but nobody quited yet would you believe? as far as i knoe, nobody quited yet because im an avid viewer of the show. one of my friend reacted that they should put on the contract what the challengers might get and the challenges would be and what they would let them do. but i think it wouldn't be a challenge if you let the challengers know already what they might get because this would make the show scripted and the show's a reality-based show. and being real is like experiencing it in real life which is full of surprises. another friend of mine commented about how phoemela(one of the hosts) acted so wrong on the moment where alicia's having her gruesome moment. she seemed not to care about what was happening and she even teased alicia of quiting already the challenge. i think phoemela's just doing her job, that's what the director or producer toled her and she must of course do it. is she a mediocre host? yeah i believe so... a fair host... remember that she did hard challenges too before she got the job left by miriam. and if she would help alicia to that part, that wouldn't be a challenge anymore, the show must now be called "extra care" hahaha... one more thing is that, the challengers knoe already that in extra challenge there are really extra challenges that will come and they really must think about it before doing the show. i knoe alicia really had a bad experience with extra challenge but she must not blame that to the staffs because they were not the one who did those rude things to her and they are just doing their jobs, of course, more actions higher ratings right? neway, if you think im thinking immorally here because if you think of me that i luv seeing alicia kissed by the maniacs, well no, im also just talking about reality here, life's like that you can never change it. it's the life of the camera and media. they would do anything that will make their show's rating high right?
would you believe that the winner of the challenge is alicia and during the finale, it showed her ok and happy. i think she wasn't really mad. it's just that at that moment(baguio moment) the challengers were really tired, hungry and lack sleep, and unfortunately that challenge was given to her. sorry... hehehe... the show must go on!

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