microbiology is really a major subject! t'sux!

things that pissed me off today:
  • tiring day 2 of throat culture in microbiology laboratory
  • i washed the petri dishes with culture. yuck!
  • i have no lab gown, gloves, cap and mask! eewwww.... microbes!
  • rush in inoculation! hmp!
  • groupmates are sooo self-centered, except vita of course...
  • my compiled notes book is wet because tet accidentally opened the distilling faucet thinking t'was the gas outlet. hmp!
  • i ate my lunch in a rush.
  • our quizzes and practical exams are compiled a while ago and i realized next week will be a heavy week!
  • my plan to go to library was cancelled.
  • my tag board's broken bcoz it's not working! wtf!
  • in short, because of microbiology laboratory!
things that made me happy:
  • finished my manual in parasitology.
  • eat out later bcoz jhec invited me at timog... u knoe bday... happy birthday jhec!
  • i luckily finished my practicals in microbiology laboratory
  • friends
  • ryan sua went to our class a while ago unfortunately, haven't got the chance to talk to him because im doing my manual in parasitology, but at least!
  • im still lucky that i ate lunch for the others have not! hehe...
  • aaron lend me a pair of gloves!
  • a friendster message from mags. happy birthday too!
tomorrow, we have to go to school at 12PM to do the day3 of the throat culture! it sux ryt? neway, wat sux more is that we're not allowed to go there early, it should be 12PM! hmp! aurelio called me a while ago telling me about jhec's bday celebration in timog, and ill be going. there are 3 birthdays today! jhec, alvin and mags! happy birthday! er, im slightly pissed off but slowly feeling alright already because of the accomplishments and good things that also happened today... ok, i have to prepare now... ciao!

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