realization... why im no progress... thank you God...

now i knoe why im no progress with my studies. it's because im having a gap with God. it's not that i hate God or we had a fight or something. it's just that i only give small time for Him. when i pray at night and morning, i only have small time for Him. we all have equal length of time, 24 hours a day but i guess only 15 min is all i can give for Him. when i pray for the past schooldays, i only thank Him for each and every day and ask for His guidance. i don't have time to share and thank Him my all day activities and realizations as well as achievements, and talk to Him all the things i want to tell Him. this is due to my busy schedule. when i get home, i eat, study until i get sleepy or until i have finished my lessons, and because im already sleepy, i pray and talk to Him for just a few minutes. i sometimes even forget to tell Him my problems about my studies and i realized now that He's the one who can help me with these struggles in my studies, then why can't i help from Him? why realize now? i dunno... maybe He's also the one who made me realize what's happening in my life. i worry all the time because i always get low grades but why worry if God is there to help? i think i need time management. yes i do! an equal time for everything. all i do is study and now i knoe why im no progress eventhough i study hard... im away from God. i forgot he's there to help and guide me. i forgot that i guarantee His presence in all the things i do just ask His presence. im thankful that i realized these things now... now that im not yet full of problems. thank you God that you let me realize things now! im very happy and inspired now... thank you very much!

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... ei, juz want 2 ask if u know some1 named jaime juan? she's als0 a 3rd yr MT in ust...kze fren q0 cia... la lng juz asking... -

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