Lies---> damn lies...

hey! quote of the day: "there are three kinds of untruths; lies, damn lies, and statistics" whoever knoes the explanation for this... please leme knoe... thanx!
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baRbz said...

Hey. I *think* I know what that line meant.. =p

Generally, LIES can NEVER be truth. And whoever coined that statement basically categorized these lies [untruths] into bad, worse and worst. Lies being bad, damn lies being worse and the worst of all, being statistics. His emphasis was on statistics simply because people pay too much attention on statistics, being swayed to do or buy something because "survey says..". Just that. =p

I hope it was clear. Heehee. If it may seem a little cluttered, you're free to talk to me. Haha, maybe I can explain it more clearly. LOLz. ÜÜ

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