what's with the song?

i dunno... i just love it... when im hearing this 'clarity' song and looking through the pictures i've posted... sooo nice...

so, im back...

owkay, yes im back! and im glad to be back with my family... i'll miss them again soon...

i was in manila for 3 days and yes, im here at pangasinan again... LOL for 3 days, i enrolled myself for the next semester, i had my coffee at starbucks (ah... let's say... nagpaka-baboy because all we did was to eat), and ate buffalo style chix! yes... my new favorite... the buffalo style chix from mcdo... onga pla... i had my jasmine trio also from mcdo... hehehe...

we arrived 11.00pm last night... 5-hour trip? yes... we left UST at around 6pm because my brother took his entrance exam yesterday afternoon.

i drove from manila to tarlac where we ate our dinner in this chinese resto where they serve free hot tea! LOL... if im not mistaken, i think the name is 'honkee resto'? i recommend this resto because they serve great yet cheap dishes with free tea, i should say. there is this another chinese resto near the place where they also serve great and yummy chinese foods yet more it's expensive... moving on... then after that, i asked dad to drive till pozorrubio because i was already tired and sleepy... because i forgot or haven't even noticed the starbucks in luisita area... hmp!

im sooo happy because i don't have saturday classes next sem but classes will start already next week! yes, november 3. sad... ill be back in manila on november 2!

owkay, that's all for now, sayonara!

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love is the only rational act

so true... funny how it seems... LOL
nde nga, so true... i dunno, i just got this quote from the book a recently finished, 'tuesdays with morrie' by albom. it didn't actually came from mitch's professor morrie but from levine... but i don't know who's levine... i can't explain the whole thing and i have a hard time to explain this quote... yeah... very rational...
i also want to add that i already know my grades!!! ngek! and im owkay with it but im not actually really satisfied... because some results are suspicious! hmmmm.... wala akong tres!!! hmp, wla naman akong grade sa socio... i mean, wla kaming grade sa sociology, tsk! er sorry, i have no one to tell...
i wanna tell this thing happened when my family went to baguio for the first time commuting... yes! we rode in a public van... but im already sleepy and i got things to do tomorrow... and my butt's already hurtin so, sayonara! tell yah tomrow when im in the mood!


Whew, it’s been a long time since I wrote something about what’s happening in my life… ok, just an update… to my so-called sublime life… ngek! well, semestral, (damn this! is there a word semestral?) ok, sem-break started october 9 and I am happy but today… because I missed studying… I dunno… my body’s just craving for it… LOL… drop this, I feel so geek.
Neway, after my last final exams, happened October 8, I took the longest rest in my life… well, I did, I mean… it’s like the longest I should say because during my exam week, there were nights when I only sleep 2 or 4 hours… sometimes have even no chance of getting at least an hour of sleep… and im also afraid of sleeping an hour before my wake-up time because I might not wake up. so, my point is, it's like the best rest ever! ngek!
Week before finals week, we’re already planning about this day out after exams… the first suggestion was to munch a buffet dinner but the dilemma was, we can’t choose where to eat, ideas were shared yet we end up in nothing. next proposal was to watch a movie and eat dinner in a pleasant resto… and that was the last plan… yet we argue a lot where to watch and eat… first suggestion was in The Podium, I suggested in Powerplant, Glorietta ended the conversation… Gloritta won… (well hey, powerplant got a better movie house, eryt?) well, bcoz majority of us, I mean majority? Er, ok… some of us are living near the Makati area…(huh, like Powerplant wasn’t in Makati huh?)
Neway, October 9 was such a great day, it started after lunch, aaron, as usual with dude ryan picked me up in our house in kamias, qc. That was also the time when my phone was broken… I dunno with that fon… it just started to act abnormal… at first keys 1-3 were not working then after a few min, keys 4-6 started to fail as well… so, I used my granny’s cellfon… the prob was, all my contacts were in my fon so, it’s also useless…
So, they picked me and went straight to Glorietta… yep the big G… G4, G2, G3? Huh… whatev…
We met sheena and icee at G4 foodcourt eating their late lunch. Then we started to reach or contact others… we can’t contact liezel, she’s not answering her fon and soon we found out she’s havin her massage and she didn’t noticed she already got asleep. On the other hand, Kenneth couldn’t make it bcoz he has to accompany his mother to buy things because his mother is leaving the next day to Saudi… it’s a long story well, to make story short, it’s because of Ramadan…
So there, only 4 of us, icee can’t go with us because he’s with his brother and their cousin. We watched this movie ‘the punisher’ and t’wasn’t bad at all… it’s an excellent movie for us who I think most of us haven’t watched a movie since classes for that semester had started. Hehe…
Liezel would be late so, she tole us that she will just meet us inside. After a few min, she’s there already…
After that, we we’re deciding "again" where to eat dinner, and since t’was already 5.30, aaron tole us that he has to leave 6pm because his uncle has to use the car… whew? Duh… they have like 4 cars and why not use the others?
So, we rushed and decided to eat at TGIF, hehehe
When we were taking our orders, aaron revealed that he’ll foot the bill so we were like wow… then we joked around to order the most expensive food and to order a lot… aaron said he will because, he can’t be with us in his birthday this sem-break so it served as a treat… HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON --> oct 16

When we were eating dinner, aaron got a phone call telling him his uncle will be using the other car so we were like in high spirits when we heard that because we don’t have to rush eating… and we still have time to hang around… talk and bond together…
After eating,  they were like planning to go on shopping, etc. so, we wandered around Glorietta. We then went to G4 to eat again… I had my coffee (sad, coffee jelly was out of stock, strabux' fuckin me sooo wrong!) and we chatted about different things… icee was again with us… t’was already 9pm when liezel’s brother was already there to pick her up. Then icee tole us if we want to drink… since we already drank when we’re at TGIF, we tole ourselves why not… so, we went to icee’s condominium in front of 6750 along ayala road, but i can't remember which floor, stupid! We drank vodka citron and talk and talk until 1am.
I was very red that time… especially when I got up, went to the comfort room and took a pee… at that moment I felt the effect of the vodka in my CNS… there’s the effect, I was red and my thoughts were not normal… but it didn't came to the point that i talk sluggish... well, can’t blame why I get red when I drink bcoz im an asian! Well, yeah… bcoz im an asian, but I can’t discuss here the whole explanation about that bcoz it will take me too long… I was already groggy at that moment… very groggy but I can still walk straight. We even went to the condo’s rooftop before we left. Imagine that… groggy but I managed to reach the I think 30+th floor? I can’t remember… hehehe… er, after that, we went down to leave… t’was a nice night in icee’s condo… neway, icee thanx! Er, we brought sheena to their home in p’que after that then aaron also sent me home… t’was really a nice day…
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persistent demand

due to persistent demand, this is all about vita, my seatmate... AKA avic

i can't remember how we really became friends... i think because we sing and jam together when we can't do nething productive during class hours... she was the one actually who introduced me to the band called 'u-turn' and now i also like the band.

then we tole each other's stories about family, life, love and friendship.

actually, vita's not in my tropa but it's not a big issue... she's there when you need her, any kind of help... wakekeke... dba? and her friends are also nice so i got closer to them also...

one more thing that made us closer is that she's the clown and im her audience... she makes me laugh so hard... lahat ng jowks nya bumebenta sa akin...

we talk about a lot of stuff like wave, scoop sa exams, mga gossips na nakukuha nya sa ibang sections and problems... like the one about this guy he's into but the friendship can't move any higher... i mean, the spark is there but it only stays there...

of course there are also things that we argue about and the different things we believe which sometimes lead to misunderstanding...

neway, the green text were the things i made before... i edited a few because it was done a long time ago... so there were changes to be done... er, im posting it now because kakahiya naman kay vits... hehehe... basta, words can't tell who's the real vita is im talkin but she's really a nice friend...

road less traveled

hey, i just want to post this thing i did for my sociology class... a reaction paper... about a book i don't like... whew~! it's not actually a good reaction paper... but i'll just let you guys read it... bcoz there are some good points in my paper... and also an extra update for my almost 2 weeks unupdated blog... hay....

The Road Less Traveled

M. Scott Peck

The road less traveled, yes, by M. Scott Peck. I actually don’t know why I’m writing this reflection paper anyway, because I actually didn’t liked the book per se, but there are nice things I’ve learned from the book even though I haven’t finished reading it yet. The book was recommended by our sociology professor, Mr. Brillo during our first meetings, so I bought the book with the intention of reading it because our professor wants us to read it. When I read on the cover it was a best seller book, I found myself very curious about the book. At first, I thought it was a book about marriage since our topic in sociology is all about marriage. Well, it was not about marriage, well partly it is, but it’s about how to take and live "life" as how Scott Peck views life. Yes, it was about life, about love, values and tradition. In other words, it teaches how you should take life, since it simply gives you an idea about the "life" especially in the title that the life he’s referring to wasn’t traveled by most of us. Well, when I started to read the first chapters, I was disillusioned on how the book was written, it did not appeal to my taste. It isn’t the type of book that I read. Well, I have read several best seller books but this one is different. The format on how it was written intrigued me but it didn’t excite me at all. Well, I have to be honest. I really didn’t like the book because I’m more on fiction yet with moral type of books like "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho and this book I’m reading right now, "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. When my mom saw that book in my room, he asked me if I’m done reading it, I said yes because I know she wanted to borrow it, and now, she have it.

Anyway, moving on…

"Life is difficult". That’s how Peck describes life in his book although it didn’t stop there. Yes, life is difficult yet he explained further the importance of the difficulties we experience in our daily life. He was like telling us that difficulties are good things, good things which we hate most of the time. Maybe his point is, based on my own experiences; difficulties can make a person grow. These difficulties are our mistakes and problems or obstacles we encounter in our everyday life. I actually love doing mistakes. Don’t get me wrong but those mistakes should be done only once. Mistakes make me grow and become a more mature person because it serves and gives me lessons through experiencing those mistakes and hardships.

He stated there that discipline is the basic tool we use to solve these difficulties. Discipline is always accompanied with love which is very evident in a parent-child relationship. This first experience of love and discipline comes from parents during our early childhood. Learning to discipline ourselves, to keep promises and to nurture what means the most to us, develops actions and words of love that create a safe, secure and predictable world around us. As I have said before, mistakes are good if they are done once and learned something from it. Maybe, his point of discipline as the basic tool to solve these mistakes and difficulties in life is that you should not let yourself stuck on those difficulties by experiencing it just once, and never doing the same mistakes again, and now we can call that discipline. Self-discipline is learned from our parents as children and lack of proper and appropriate parenting is the root of any and all troubles that cause difficulties in life. He’s pointing out that life can be really very difficult if parenting is inappropriate because discipline is not learned in lack of proper parenting. It is weird that, the first topic Peck focuses very much was on Discipline. However, without discipline, change can go unchecked and uncharted, growth can become problematic, and the human soul becomes susceptible to a host of difficulties. As we grow in discipline, love and life experiences, our understanding of the world grows, too. If we tend to define this world view too narrowly, we become harshly judgmental of others. This world view is always at the root of our problems in life, and a correction of that view is necessary for a cure. And since I only read the first few chapters of the book, this is all only about the first few chapters of the book that I’ve read.

Peck shows us that our avoidance of problems and their accompanying suffering are the root of mental illness. Running away from problems will soon hunt you and will never stop bothering you. Difficulties are a fact of life, and they never go away. By refusing to acknowledge and overcome them, we create a barrier to our spiritual growth which is also an important point of Dr. Peck in his book. Spiritual growth is the main point of Dr. Peck in his book. Discipline is just a foundation in achieving spiritual fulfill ness. Now it’s not weird why he began babbling about having discipline because it serves as one of the foundation for a better living, living in a spiritual life.

This book is a combination of psychology and spirituality. In this book, one thing that annoyed me was his apparent need to show off his extensive vocabulary. Yes, that's great that he went to school for years but the readers would understand the book well and easier if the words that are used are simple and commonly used words. This book tells us about life, reality; however he did not use or seldom based his writings on the scripture or based on the words of God yet it also does not shy to mention God and faith as part of human growth, well maybe because he’s a doctor so, it’s a factor that he really wouldn’t use much anything about the Bible; but he still had his point well presented and explained; and still morally and spiritually acceptable. The structure of the book is perfect; an English professor would love it. Dr. Peck states and supports his opinions very clearly and for the most part, he presents opposing points of view as well. This book is highly recommended to people who have reached a certain maturity level in mid-late adulthood because the things written in this book are more encountered by them, they will surely initiate a major transformation in their emotional and spiritual growth process. Since this book is a book about achieving a better life or achieving spiritual growth, it does not give steps to follow or quick fixes, but it gives ability to make sense of the world and to see life in a brighter way. It gives growth! And it even encourages seeing ourselves as a part of something bigger. To wrap everything up, this book is very clever because it explains every detail you need to know or every phrase which are sometimes hard to understand. Even though this book doesn’t show or attracts my interest, I can say that it is a book worth keeping and worth reading over and over again which can be an instrument or can be used as an inspiration in everyday life. Though I haven’t read the whole book yet, I’m still planning to finish the book to experience the whole "road less traveled".

This book or let me say, Dr. Peck illuminates how living the truth in the open allows one to become free from fear. One must strive to recognize when it is advantageous to withhold the truthful expression of opinions, feelings, ideas and knowledge to the benefit of intimate relationships.

To truly be dedicated to solving the problems one faces in life, one must be willing to experience pain and make changes that might seem frightening. When one clings to old ways or views, they face the probability of mental illness and pain and failure to negotiate any crisis or personal transition of mental or spiritual growth. Suffering through such changes enables one to reach a higher level of self-understanding.

a prophecy about my marriage... LOL

hey, i did this thing, actually, just copied it from the net and edited it... submitted it as a "prospect marriage" in my sociology class... i hate that professor bcoz he tole us to do this thing before final exams! pasaway... so un! buti na lang i found this on the net... then made some editings... and i found it very kewl and nice... njoy!

what if...

James Abraham D. Malala is a medical technologist, a graduate in the Philippines. Their family migrated in the United States when their petition arrived. Due to medical technology is not in demand in the United States; he worked as a back-up dancer of several pop artists. A few years later, he then got a chance to back-up dance on one of Britney Spears’ music video. They became friends and closer to each other and later found out that they’re already dating and in-love with each other. Dancing brought them together.

After a few months…

October 18, 2004: James Abraham D. Malala marries Britney Jean Spears in a small, private ceremony attended by family and close friends. Those worried that Britney is losing her sense of tackiness can rest assured that guests dined on chicken fingers and ribs, and the couple shared a first dance to Journey's "City By the Bay", played on a boombox. Of all the cheesy love songs Journey produced, the happy couple chose the one about San Francisco? In addition, the men in the wedding party donned matching warmup suits emblazoned with the word "Pimps" on the back. Classy!

October 22, 2004: James Malala’s ex-girlfriend Charlize Theron issues her own statement about how happy she is for the couple, and by the way, did you hear about her great idea for a reality show about a ramp model-turned-actress?

November 2004: Tabloid reports begin to surface about James and Britney feuding in public, and Britney travels to Louisiana, her hometown to stay with her mother for a few weeks. Britney's publicist strenuously denies any problems in the marriage.

December 2004: James and Britney do an exclusive primetime interview with Katie Couric during November sweeps. They discuss how they want to start a family as soon as possible. They also work in no less than 10 mentions of Britney's "Greatest Hits" CD, which drops Dec. 9.

April 2005: Britney reveals to a writer from Vanity Fair that she is pregnant and due in September. Vanity Fair puts her on the cover of its May issue, and there are behind-the-scenes reports from the photo shoot that James wanted to be included in the photo and Britney refused. Allegedly, James threw his half-empty can of Red Bull against the wall and stomped outside for a smoke. The cover photo featured a pregnant Britney alone.

September 2005: Juliana Marie Malala is born. Tabloids report that James barely made it to the hospital in time for the birth of his first child, and rumors begin swirling that James and Britney are no longer sharing a residence.

November 2005: James, Britney and Juliana do an exclusive primetime sweeps interview with Diane Sawyer. They both insist that their marriage is fine, and that they've never been happier.

January 2006: Britney files for divorce. The Smoking Gun Web site posts copies of James and Britney’s prenuptial agreement. James counter sues, protesting that he signed the prenuptial agreement while under the influence, and thus was unable to make rational decisions. An anonymous source from Britney's camp asserts that even on a good day, James is unable to make a rational decision. A California judge rules that the prenuptial agreement is invalid, and Britney settles with James for an undisclosed amount. James promptly drops out of the public eye, and is last seen performing as a backup dancer on the New Kids on the Block reunion tour.

July 2006: James is now an unemployed dancer. He cannot look for a new job since Medical Technology is not in demand in the United States. Artists like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles turned down his offers to choreograph their new music videos because they got new choreographers. Britney is photographed exiting a New York club with Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan. Her publicist issues a statement that Britney was discussing potential film collaborations.

August 2006: James is photographes dining at Babba Gump restaurant with Carmen Kass, one of the Victoria’s Secret supermodels. There are rumors that they’ve been dating for a month now. Britney is photographed exiting a Los Angeles club with Ashton Kutcher, fresh from his July divorce from Demi Moore. Her publicist issues a statement that Britney was discussing a comeback vehicle for both of them, since Kutcher has not been seen on screen since "Punk'd: The Movie" bombed in late 2005.

September 2006: Britney delivers a rambling and incoherent discourse on the nature of celebrity during a press conference announcing the release of her new CD "Greatest Hits: Volume 2." Her publicist issues a statement that Britney is suffering from exhaustion and jet lag. James on the other hand, decided to continue taking up medicine which is his real dream of becoming. He’s taking his medicine course at Boston and since he’s jobless, his parents agreed of supporting his good decision. He’s planning of marrying Carmen after the course.

November 2006: James is doing great on his studies. Britney's new CD drops off the charts after spending two weeks at number 36. James talked to Britney through phone call telling her that he’s very sorry about the flop of her new CD. They’re back as being friends. Rumors of Britney's mental deterioration fuel tabloid stories. Late in the month, Britney checks into Promises rehab center for a month-long stay for addiction to prescription painkillers.

January 2007: Even the tabloids stop paying attention to Britney.

October 2008: James is already on his 3rd year of being a medicine student. James’ relationship with Carmen became stronger. Almost two years after Britney’s last CD was released, Random House announces a Britney Spears tell-all memoir on their fall release list, titled "Sometimes I Run."

November 2008: Britney makes the talk show rounds to promote her new book. She wears a suit and appears both self-deprecating and lucid. "Sometimes I Run" stays on the New York Times Non-Fiction Best Seller List for 14 weeks. Critics hail the book as "courageous" and "juicy." In it, Britney reveals that she never stopped loving Justine Timberlake, her ex-boyfriend and that all of 2004 was a reaction to losing him. When reached for comment, Justin (in the middle of his 'NSYNC reunion world tour) says, "Britney was my first love, and she will always have a special place in my heart." Meanwhile, tickets sales for 'NSYNC's tour are less than expected. James heard this news and a popular tabloid magazine interviewed him asking for his opinion on what Britney had said. He said he is very happy for Britney.

June 2009: James is now an intern at Suburban Hospital. His relationship with Carmen becomes puny due to his having problem with his time management and later found out that they’re already broke. Britney announces a string of performances in Las Vegas at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, recently vacated by Celine Dion. The shows sell out immediately, and Britney eventually performs a month's worth of shows to rave reviews, and then takes time off to record a new album. James got a chance to watch Britney’s concert but he never told her he did.

May 2010: James is now an unlicensed physician. Boston Hospital is inviting him there to take his residency as well as his specialization as a cardiologist. Britney does a tongue-in-cheek cameo as herself on ABC's hip sitcom "No New Messages" during May sweeps. After James watched an episode on Britney’s sitcom and remembering the memories about them, he realized that he still loves her and plans of seeing her again.

June 2010: Paparazzi capture photos of Justin Timberlake kissing Britney on the cheek as they exit an L.A. restaurant. Britney's publicist claims that they are "old friends and nothing more." Britney broke James’ heart.

July 2010: Justin Timberlake's publicist issues a statement confirming that he and Cameron Diaz have divorced, and Cameron will retain custody of their two children, Ashley and Jessica. The publicist denies that Britney Spears had anything to do with the breakup. James is depress because of what’s going on between Britney and Justine. He follows his heart and try to go and tell Britney how he feels. He left his job in Boston and flies to California.

September 2010: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake do an exclusive prime time sweeps interview, in which they admit that they are dating, but are trying to take it slow. They record a duet of a dance version of "The Mickey Mouse Club Theme Song" which hits number one on the club charts. James called Britney on the phone. Britney is shocked because it was a long time since they’ve talked. James invites Britney to eat dinner.

September 2010: While eating dinner, James broke the ice and told Britney everything he’s feeling about her, that he missed her and that he still loved her and that he wants to grow old with her. He asked sorry for the mistakes he did in the past. Britney cries and later reveals her feelings which are also the same. Britney told James that she’s feeling this for a long time and since they haven’t talked, she thought he’ll never come back with her and that he already found someone and already settled down. Britney breaks up with Justine Timberlake later that night. She explained everything clearly and Justine understands.

October 2010: James and Britney are dating again and announced it in public that they’re planning to get back. Juliana is very happy about this. James got a new Job in Hollywood Doctor’s Hospital.

December 2010: James and Britney get married on New Year's Eve in Memphis in a private ceremony. Shortly thereafter, Britney announces that she is pregnant and due in early summer. Britney never told James about this before so James was shocked. James cried and is excited about it and he kissed her on the lips.

March 2025: James is now the head doctor of the Cardiology section in Hollywood Doctor’s Hospital. He is also affiliated in 5 more hospitals in the United States including the previous hospital he’s been working, Boston Hospital. Britney Spears is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in her first year of eligibility. The nominating committee cites her pioneering work as a teen pop artist, and despite a few missteps early on in her career, acknowledges that her more mature sound paved the way for both male and female artists in the years to follow. Britney attends the ceremony with her husband and fellow inductee, James, as well as their children Juliana and Andy.

And they lived happily ever after!