love is the only rational act

so true... funny how it seems... LOL
nde nga, so true... i dunno, i just got this quote from the book a recently finished, 'tuesdays with morrie' by albom. it didn't actually came from mitch's professor morrie but from levine... but i don't know who's levine... i can't explain the whole thing and i have a hard time to explain this quote... yeah... very rational...
i also want to add that i already know my grades!!! ngek! and im owkay with it but im not actually really satisfied... because some results are suspicious! hmmmm.... wala akong tres!!! hmp, wla naman akong grade sa socio... i mean, wla kaming grade sa sociology, tsk! er sorry, i have no one to tell...
i wanna tell this thing happened when my family went to baguio for the first time commuting... yes! we rode in a public van... but im already sleepy and i got things to do tomorrow... and my butt's already hurtin so, sayonara! tell yah tomrow when im in the mood!

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