what's with the song?

i dunno... i just love it... when im hearing this 'clarity' song and looking through the pictures i've posted... sooo nice...

so, im back...

owkay, yes im back! and im glad to be back with my family... i'll miss them again soon...

i was in manila for 3 days and yes, im here at pangasinan again... LOL for 3 days, i enrolled myself for the next semester, i had my coffee at starbucks (ah... let's say... nagpaka-baboy because all we did was to eat), and ate buffalo style chix! yes... my new favorite... the buffalo style chix from mcdo... onga pla... i had my jasmine trio also from mcdo... hehehe...

we arrived 11.00pm last night... 5-hour trip? yes... we left UST at around 6pm because my brother took his entrance exam yesterday afternoon.

i drove from manila to tarlac where we ate our dinner in this chinese resto where they serve free hot tea! LOL... if im not mistaken, i think the name is 'honkee resto'? i recommend this resto because they serve great yet cheap dishes with free tea, i should say. there is this another chinese resto near the place where they also serve great and yummy chinese foods yet more it's expensive... moving on... then after that, i asked dad to drive till pozorrubio because i was already tired and sleepy... because i forgot or haven't even noticed the starbucks in luisita area... hmp!

im sooo happy because i don't have saturday classes next sem but classes will start already next week! yes, november 3. sad... ill be back in manila on november 2!

owkay, that's all for now, sayonara!

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