tonight, my senses don't make sense at all

it's sunday and im glad that tomrow will be a special day for i will not wake up early bcoz there would be no classes! hehehe... neway, my family left and im sad again... their visit's too short... less than 24 hours... life's like that... and it sucks!
ok, i've ben thinking lately about not showing up on the NMAT exams... i dunno... it's because i haven't reviewed or prepared for the exam... at least there would be no record that i got a low grade if ever i took the exam and got a low score... i'll just take the exam next summer. my pediatrician tole me not to review nemore for the exams because he didn't. he's actually also from UST, same premed course as mine and took his med at UST. well, a friend of mine tells me about her review and the like and it bothers me when she talks about it. and i can't stop her... i downa be bad... but what the hell neway?
owkay, i knoe im wrong! i should take the exam! kaya ko to noh! LOL... enough about these strange feelings of failing to get the NMAT grade for uste! i knoe God will help me... i knoe He'll let me knoe or recall the things i've learned for the past years in uste, and er, as well as in HS."?" He'll let me get that score!
ew.. matrix hello!
well enough about NMAT. ima suppose to go to gateway a while ago but im already tired becaue we went to makita the whole day with my family. gateway's oready open and i wanna see how it is... ima check if the ads were correct! and i also wana try taco bell! hehehe...
my fone's repaired! t'was diagnosed of broken wirings and dirts so t'was kinda malfunctioning. i also had it checked about its bluetooth and it's malfunctioning also... i was toled that t'will cost me 6000 bucks with that hardware replaced... and repairing the 'btooth' might lead to the death of my fone, and with that a new system is needed to save my fon which will be more expensive...  id rather buy a new fone, eryt?
er, i think ima go now... ima study... amazing time to study because my family just left... LOL.... big hug!

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