you will always be my boo!

weeehhh!!! ima go to starbucks after this... heheh... im sooo excited... ima read there because i have a lot of things to 'must' read... LOL... i knoe it's nov 14 yet but i dunno... i just feel like going to starbucks tonight... oh sorry i think i haven't tole or written here yet that on nov 15, that would be tomrow is the come back of my favorite coffee jelly! yes! hehehe...
vita's been cold for me for the past days and i think the simple reason for that matter is only because i bought the henry book first when we were supposed to buy it together... i dunno if there are other reasons but well, im not happy on what's goin on... peace out!
i was sad for the past few days but i guess and realized that there's nothing to be sad about... eryt? hehehe LOL... owkay... ima go now... sayonara! neway, thanx egoi este, eunice for the call and advance happy birthday!!! hope to see you soon!
nga pala, my mom would be here tomrow... i think ima accompany her to go to divisoria... LOL... im excited that she's coming!

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