bianca had me at hello!

hey, i found this info about bianca king... shux! nakaka-wow! njoy reading and discover why i admire her sooo much!
Bianca King: New screen goddess

On the rise is a new screen goddess who responds to the name Bianca King.

Bianca, who’s only 17 years old, is in the cast of GMA-7’s highly-rated “Mulawin” where she is noticed to shine in her role as Aviona in the top-rating fantaserye. Aviona is a member of the illustrious clan of half-human, half-avian female warriors in “Mulawin,” topbilled by Richard Gutierrez.

As a new screen goddess, Bianca is literally spreading her wings over today’s fast-changing showbiz landscape. In her role as Aviona, Bianca exudes a raw, sensual appeal that has so far won for her a strong male following since the start of the series. Not even her plumage can conceal her strong mestiza features and well-toned physique; and her piercing, smoldering stare never fails to convey an air of mystery and subtle seduction.

So, what really lies beneath those ruffled feathers? Is there a fair maiden’s heart hiding underneath this feisty amazon’s tough exterior? Who is the real Bianca King? Imagine being born in Cold War Berlin, Germany, to a Canadian father and a US-bred Filipina mother. Ingredients for an identity crisis?

Not for 17-year-old Bianca. “I’m Filipino,” she avers proudly. “I was raised here.” The articulate freshman from the University of Asia and Pacific is conversant in both English and Tagalog. She even won her school’s essay writing competition in Filipino!

“That’s how I am with most things in my life,” she says. “I like surprising people- knowing certain expectations of me, then going the other way.” Being the unica hija has not stopped Bianca from having a liberal upbringing. She is able to speak her mind and independently achieve her goals as a student.

She has run with showbiz friends for the longest time, but has avoided the spotlight herself — until now, that is.

“My priority has always been my studies,” Bianca enthuses. Even now that she has decided to take on the challenge of taking on the limelight, she’d rather carve a niche for herself rather than fit into the mold that many other young stars have occupied before her.

Bianca has done print and TV ads since she was thirteen. She has appeared in TV spots for Rexona, Coke and Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog. She is also currently the image model of Body Shop and Gold’s Gym, as well as Ai-Zen Salon and Chocolate apparel line.

Despite her extensive modeling experience, she’s the first to downplay that particular facet. “I don’t do ramp,” she points out. “I don’t sashay down the catwalk. I’m too petite for that. I’d rather work behind the scenes. I’ve worked as a stylist for several shows, including Pond’s and Chalk Magazine. Some of the models there thought I was part of the show. And I was! But as part of the production staff— not as a ramp model. My friends from showbiz thought it was admirable that I explored a different field. They were happy for me.”

Her talents were also honed from a very young age— in theatre, piano, singing, drums and ballet and dance. Asked if she would go into acting, singing or dancing, she answers, “I think I would do my best as a host.”

She’s also a certified waterbaby. “I learned to swim by being tossed in the water,” Bianca narrates. Perhaps it helped that they own a resthouse in Batangas, where her family spent weekends when she was growing up. “I love swimming! I can go to the deepest depths and have no fear. I also like waterskiing.”

Bianca is no showbiz greenhorn. She knows its ins and outs, and is taking the plunge sans stars in her eyes. “I would like to strike a balance between working in the entertainment industry and pursuing my studies. But above all, my priority is still my education. And I thank my manager, Arnold Vegafria, because he’s so supportive of this,” she reiterates.

“I am a nerd!,” she quips. So serious a nerd, in fact, that she plans to take advance summer classes to finish her degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. “I also love surfing the Net!,” says the information junkie. “I can spend hours searching for a variety of topics. But most of the time, I keep abreast of music and entertainment news.”

Bianca also has a mature outlook in life, with her plans for the future all laid out. “I want to produce commercials,” she says. “To find the director, to work with casters and the crew. And as I see it, I’m off to a good start because I’ve gained connections from being in commercials.”

She says she would prefer being a VJ or hosting a show. “I just love learning new information!,” Bianca avers proudly. She looks up to the hosts of ABS-CBN’s ‘F,’ especially Amanda Griffin, who she says has successfully transitioned from VJ to host.

One of the latest additions to ALV Productions’ roster of sterling talents, Bianca recently got her first taste of showbiz when she was asked to join the prestigious group of new teen stars: the Regal Idols. She was also part of the GMA-7 teen-oriented TV series, “Click,” and was also voted one of today’s prettiest teens in Young Star Chalk and Meg Magazines.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! i knoe... it's starbucks coffee again... ima post our pic in EK sooN! er, merry christmas and a happy new year to all!
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wave back wednesday

yes! it's wednesday and there's nothing good to hear on wave...
"the clock turns back every wednesday"
speaking of clock! tada... i got this new clock on my blog! whe...
don't worry soon enough my blog will be as exciting as other blogs out there! yahooO! jowk... wish lang!
neway, this is about what happened in our trip to EK last monday...
ok... so we went to enchanted kingdom last monday... too excited i was already ready to be picked up by aaron at around 7.30am! LOL... i knoe... too early but hey, he said he'll pick me up at 7.45! hahah...
but then, he picked me here in our house at around 8.30...
dude ryan's already with him when he picked me up so we went straight to ust...
we still went to ust to meet some friends who're also going to EK and we dropped the goods to be donated to those who were struck by the storm.
excitement filled the car until congested traffic made us irritated when we were in paranaque to pick up a friend. wow!~ i thot we would be the one who'll open EK but no... we arrived there at already 1pm.
we ate our lunch at Shell SLEX (KFC) and i had my coffee jelly again...
rides rides rides...
we rode the space shuttle 5x
anchors away
roller skaters (first time)
rio grande 2x (ginawang paliguan! yuck!)
wheel of fate
carousel (first time)
up up and away (i knoe, pathetic kami)
we also had paintball
flying fiesta
bump cars and boats! LOL
sing along
hena tattoo
arcade racing... (i won! LOL) ---> i won this yellow bear for my boo
aaron and liezel left early, at around 7pm pa lang... e, i want to see the fireworks and i still want to stay (pati si ryan, xempre... andun kasi si) eventhough i have no date... in other words left out... d pala... bro ken and i have no dates pala so we dated! LOL...
and because aaron left early and we (with ryan) were supposed to ride back home with aaron's car, icee agreed of giving us a ride back home...
e nahiya naman ako... xempre, ang layo ng QC sa makati noh! hehehe... so, we decided to sleep over at kenneth's house (san pedro, laguna)... buti na lang... mabait ang angkan nila! hahaha...
eion! nakarating kami sa house nila ken mga 1.30am... e nag-starbucks pa kasi kami ulit... eion! nakatulog na kami ng mga 3am.
nagising si dude ryan at minadali ako... balik na kami ng QC kasi uwi siya ng pangasinan same day! eion! nakarating na ko ng bahay ng 3pm... parang lasing... tas tulog...
un! that was it... masaya na nakakapagod...
ang daming masasayang nangyari...
maraming nag-recall at maraming nasuka
maraming hilo pero sige pa rin!
ang saya talga sa EK!
mas grabe pa sa EMPI... ---> quoted by KR.

wah! mah favorite brand of coffee! i knoe they don't pay me for doing this but starbucks is the best! weeh! (compared to others? oo naman!) LOL... pero i've discovered this GJ's in araneta with kewl live bands every night! kya, ok na din sa akin! LOL...
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it's so hot i need some air...

owkay, i've been very busy for the past few weeks so my blog's boring... LOL... i knoe my blog's boring ever since my first post, so nothing new... LOL... it reflects my boring life... hmp!
neway, i already had my NMAT (national medical admission test) and i think t'was not easy and not so hard. but im owkay with it... whatever the result would be, owkay lang...
i got there, benilde taft at around 7am and the queue was from the benilde front gate till at the back of jollibee... i took a jeep to go there and i thot the exam already started but no... everybody's still outside waiting in line... i wanna call my friends over my phone when i thought it wouldn't be a good idea because i heard there are a lot of snatchers over that place. so i decided to just go at the end of the queue when i saw derick, a friend and party-mate during our torque campaign. he's with blockmates, 3H-medtech. i asked him if i can go with them because they're already near the gate and the line's already very long reaching up to the next block. so, when im already inside, i went straight to benilde building and saw my friend liezel already there... we took the exam on the same room.
i thought the exam would only take half day but it's whole day. the first part was harder than the second part which we took after lunch. i haven't completed my exam on first part of about 9 items. second part of the exam were science, physics, etc which is supposed to be much harder than the first but no it wasn't. im already finished with my second part exam 30 min before the due time. and to think, the first part was good for 3 hours while the latter was good only for about 2.5 hours. LOL.
another exam was my 2-week monthly exams. LOL. it's not a good exam because we were also busy at that time with pharmacy week. and some professors are soooooo makulit that they even broke the rule of not giving exams nor quizzes during pharmacy or medtech week! sucks huh?
i'll be here in manila till december 25! we'll be having our christmas here! im sad because this is the first christmas not spending with my cousins... i mean my father side cousins. they're already in canada and i miss them sooo much. owkay, i downa cry... LOL. im not a maudlin. yes im not...
i was in UP last tuesday. i met her friends, the orgasmic friends... very orgasmic. they're too loud... i mean irritating, no offense! LOL... but can't blame them, like what she said, 'we are really like that'. wla na kong sinabi...
and i also saw patricia evangelista... the philstar columnist? yah! hehehe... la lang.
buti na lang d ako pumunta sa paskuhan because based from the reactions of those who went and had fun (didn't had fun pala) e d daw maganda... LOL... wlang fireworks... can't blame UST, it's a catholic school, they have to donate the money for paskuhan to those who were struck by the typhoon.
our class will be on EK on monday! yahooo!
i was in gateway last night with my boo! we had starbucks and watched a movie and had GJ's! it's a great night... and the movie house was great too, except for the seats, not sooo comfy. and GJ's araneta is kewl because they have live bands every night.
and also, my favorite coffee jelly's back and i had one last night! LOL...
my boo's leaving tomrow... her flight'll be at 9am and she's to be there at 8am so we have to leave early at around 7am. sad...
wy can't i say the word "i love you"?
it's bothering me...
i dunno why... there's got to be a reason!

signal number 2

would you believe? it's signal number 2 today yet there's no rain at all... si bagyong yoyong...
my exam in mycology is due today but because they suspended classes today on all levels, my exam was postponed. i will have exams tomrow on 3 courses and im wishing that tomrow would be the same as today...
nga pala, i would like to greet BARBIE here a Happy Birthday!!! LOL... t'was a nice night nung eat out sa gerry's grill... salamat din kay eunice kasi treat din xa at congrats at nakapunta xa! LOL... tsaka congrats kay eunice kasi type xa ni rainier at mark herras... LOL... ayun! lakas talga ng appeal mo!
er, ano pa b? wla kasi akong magawa... kasi wlang pasok tsaka tinatamad ako mag-aral kasi parang buong gabi lang ko nag-aral tas wala palang pasok... nakakainis... pero ok na din... reality bites! LOL...
post ko na lang ung 2 songs na like ko for a month na! ung isa since last yr pa pala... liked both the lyrics and the beat...
There's always that one person that will always have your heart
You never see it coming cause you're blinded from the start
Know that you're that one for me, it's clear for everyone to see
Ooh baby, you will always be my boo
I don't know about y'all but I know about us and uhh it's the only way we know how to rock (repeat)
Do you remember girl, i was the one who gave you your first kiss
Cause I remember girl i was the one
who said put your lips like this
Even before all the fame and people screaming your name
Girl I was there and you were my baby

It started when we were younger and you were mine (my boo)
Now another brothers' taken over but its' still in your eyes (my boo)
Even though we use to argue it's alright (it's alright girl, that's okay)
And if we haven't seen each other in a while, but you will always be my boo
Now if you loved when we were younger you were mine
And when I see from time to time I still feel like, (that's my baby)
And if I see you no matter how I try to hide (I can't hide it)
And even though there's another man who's in my life, you will always be my boo
Yes I remember boy, cause after we kissed I could only think about your lips
Yes I remember boy, the moment I knew you were the one I could spend my life with
Even before all the fame and people screaming your nameI was there and you were my baby
It started when we were younger and you were mine (my boo)
Now another brothers' taken over but its' still in your eyes (my boo)
Even though we use to argue it's alright (it's alright girl, that's okay)
And if we haven't seen each other in a while, but you will always be my boo
My ooh my ohh my ohh my ohh my boo (repeat)
It's so hot in here
Oh, it's so hot, and I need some air.
Oh oh, don't stop 'cos I'm halfway there
It's not complicated, we're just syncopated
We can read each other's minds.
One love united
Two bodies synchronising
Don't even need to touch me
Baby, just
Breathe on me, yeah, oh
Baby just, breathe on me
We don't need to touch, just
Breathe, oh, yeah
Oh, this is way beyond the physical (it's a way beyond the physical)
Tonight, my senses don't make sense at all
Our imagination, taking us to places
We have never been before
Take me in, let it out
Don't even need to touch me
Baby, just
Breathe on me, yeah, oh baby
Just, breathe on me.
We don't need to touch, just
Breathe (breathe) on (on) me (me), oh baby
Just, breathe (breathe) on (on) me (me)
We don't need to touchJust breathe
Monogamy is the way to go
Just put your lips together and blow
Breathe, breathe, oh
Breathe on me (oh oh) oh
Baby just, breathe on me (on me)
We don't need to touch, just
Breathe (breathe) on (on) me (me) oh
Baby just, breathe (breathe) on (on) me (me)
We don't need to touch, just

starbucks coffee! yum! er, "one grande vanilla cappuccino"
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