it's so hot i need some air...

owkay, i've been very busy for the past few weeks so my blog's boring... LOL... i knoe my blog's boring ever since my first post, so nothing new... LOL... it reflects my boring life... hmp!
neway, i already had my NMAT (national medical admission test) and i think t'was not easy and not so hard. but im owkay with it... whatever the result would be, owkay lang...
i got there, benilde taft at around 7am and the queue was from the benilde front gate till at the back of jollibee... i took a jeep to go there and i thot the exam already started but no... everybody's still outside waiting in line... i wanna call my friends over my phone when i thought it wouldn't be a good idea because i heard there are a lot of snatchers over that place. so i decided to just go at the end of the queue when i saw derick, a friend and party-mate during our torque campaign. he's with blockmates, 3H-medtech. i asked him if i can go with them because they're already near the gate and the line's already very long reaching up to the next block. so, when im already inside, i went straight to benilde building and saw my friend liezel already there... we took the exam on the same room.
i thought the exam would only take half day but it's whole day. the first part was harder than the second part which we took after lunch. i haven't completed my exam on first part of about 9 items. second part of the exam were science, physics, etc which is supposed to be much harder than the first but no it wasn't. im already finished with my second part exam 30 min before the due time. and to think, the first part was good for 3 hours while the latter was good only for about 2.5 hours. LOL.
another exam was my 2-week monthly exams. LOL. it's not a good exam because we were also busy at that time with pharmacy week. and some professors are soooooo makulit that they even broke the rule of not giving exams nor quizzes during pharmacy or medtech week! sucks huh?
i'll be here in manila till december 25! we'll be having our christmas here! im sad because this is the first christmas not spending with my cousins... i mean my father side cousins. they're already in canada and i miss them sooo much. owkay, i downa cry... LOL. im not a maudlin. yes im not...
i was in UP last tuesday. i met her friends, the orgasmic friends... very orgasmic. they're too loud... i mean irritating, no offense! LOL... but can't blame them, like what she said, 'we are really like that'. wla na kong sinabi...
and i also saw patricia evangelista... the philstar columnist? yah! hehehe... la lang.
buti na lang d ako pumunta sa paskuhan because based from the reactions of those who went and had fun (didn't had fun pala) e d daw maganda... LOL... wlang fireworks... can't blame UST, it's a catholic school, they have to donate the money for paskuhan to those who were struck by the typhoon.
our class will be on EK on monday! yahooo!
i was in gateway last night with my boo! we had starbucks and watched a movie and had GJ's! it's a great night... and the movie house was great too, except for the seats, not sooo comfy. and GJ's araneta is kewl because they have live bands every night.
and also, my favorite coffee jelly's back and i had one last night! LOL...
my boo's leaving tomrow... her flight'll be at 9am and she's to be there at 8am so we have to leave early at around 7am. sad...
wy can't i say the word "i love you"?
it's bothering me...
i dunno why... there's got to be a reason!

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