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Knock-knock... Who's there? GOD...

This is it... I thought it was the end for everything...
The NMAT result arrived last tuesday... My granny gave it to me immediately when i arrived from school. I was shocked to see the truth... It really was an NMAT envelope with my name on it.
I immediately opened the letter and slightly opened the fold. My heart beat's sooo fast, i can't breathe.... I think I'm gonna die when i saw the result...
I got 63% rank... (yeah i knoe, i used to hide my grade because it's fuckin low, but now, who cares?)
Didn't even passed the UST cut-off! Which is 65% rank...
This is the second omen... Am i really for medicine? Well, my first omen was to turn down medicine... and this second omen?
Well, at first, I really can't believe what I saw... I thought it wasn't my grade. There were a lot of things running in my mind at that moment. Things like maybe they wrote it wrong or maybe they accidentally exchanged my grade with another applicant and so on... Pathetic... I need to accept the fact that I only got 63%!
So, i turned down medicine for the first time... I believe God has other plans for me, maybe He wanted me to be just a medical technologist, To be a successful medical technologist.
I told my friends about my NMAT grade and they were also shocked...
I also opened this topic with my friends and they told me that it's just an after effect or feeling because i got a low NMAT grade. I never agreed because I really don't feel bad about it. I was shocked to see the result but honestly, no bad feelings... i just don't want to show my grades because it's too low... I'm too shy to reveal it...
I'm so into medicine, it's my dream ever since i was born, but medicine doesn't want me. Maybe God doesn't want me to be a doctor... He wants me to help sick patients but maybe in another way, like being a medtech.
My friends are still encouraging me of taking up medicine after medtech. They said, maybe it's just a trial or so. "Maybe God wants you to exert more effort" sabi ni Aaron --> yeah well, i didn't took much effort in taking NMAT. i didn't enrolled myself in a review center not even did i self-reviewed... hehe... They said I should take 2. There would be an NMAT exam again this coming April...
not until a while ago... It came into my mind that maybe, it was God's knock on me... because lately or this semester, i have no spiritual life... i mean, seldom did I have time with Him, to talk and praise Him... Well, busy life can really lead to an aetheistic life... I have no God for almost half year already... It could not be the omen... It was between me and Him... Our relationship...
Like i said before, I was born to become a doctor, I believe this is God's plan for me, not just as a medical technologist... Why am i sooo into medicine if it's not really for me? Sabi nga ni bro Ken, "We make our own destiny, if we really want it, we should try and try harder" He even gave the Wright brothers as an example to that... hahaha... I just need more effort for this and of course Him all through these struggles... I should take consideration that it was a knock from God. One more thing, Liezel told me that if medicine is what i really want, then i would probably regret it for the rest of my life if im not gonna take the oppurtunity... Kailan pa daw ako mag-med? kung matanda na ko at na-realized kong i should have taken medicine? hahaha... She also added that as much as possible, tuloy-tuloy na kasi, it would be a waste of time if mag-skip pa ng a year or so...
My friends all have a point... Thank you...
"James, why have you forsaken me?" ---> maybe this was God's knock!
I need to take that next NMAT exam... I need to review in a review center... and I need Him.
Refresh! I need a new life... How? How can i do that with my busy schedule? Well, kaya ko 'to! dba? hehehe...
Bye for now! Sleep na ko, alis pa B ko bukas e... uwi siya pangasinan... er... mawnin! big HUG~!

deejay and a medtech student conversation...

this is how i chatted with VJ kel of wave891... i think wave veejays are good... i mean... read:
linkin_park852: hi
djkel: Hi.
linkin_park852: er, you're a dj eryt?
djkel: Hi.
linkin_park852: wave 891?
djkel: Uh, yes.
linkin_park852: hehe...
linkin_park852: i got your id from my gf, because we both love the frequency
djkel: Thanks.
linkin_park852: are you the one on-air?
djkel: Yes.
linkin_park852: oic, i thought you're only OL during weekdays
djkel: Nope.
linkin_park852: ok.
linkin_park852: so, can i make requests here or greet someone on-air?
djkel: Requests? Sure.
linkin_park852: ok
linkin_park852: hey, are you the guy or the girl talking?
linkin_park852: hi, can i request for the song "my boo" by usher feat beyonce?
djkel: K
linkin_park852: big K huh?
linkin_park852: hey, are you the guy or the girl talking?
djkel: Kel and Gia.
djkel: Take your pick.
linkin_park852: you're kel... er, gia sounds like a girl's name...
djkel: Good,
linkin_park852: ok... i didn't knoe...
linkin_park852: nga pala, bakit walang deejay sa dreamsounds?
djkel: No need, eh.
linkin_park852: e, i love a lot of dreamsound songs yet i never had the chance to knoe titles....
linkin_park852: hehehe
linkin_park852: hey mr deejay, i need to go... ima eat my breakfast... im gonna wait for my song
linkin_park852: thank you!
djkel: You're welcome./
linkin_park852: nga pala, goog mawnin sa nyo!
linkin_park852: wait... what pala title ng current song?
djkel: Let Me Love You- Mario
linkin_park852: ah ok... thank you ulet! ciao!

good mawnin!

it was such a strenuous week! finally for this month, prelims was over... feeling refreshed! LOL...
but hey, isn't it that everyday is a strenuous day for a medtech student especially for 3rd year students takin up second semester?
actually, we had out prelim exam this week and im glad it was done! hehe... i finally slept last night without anxiety that i should be awake in this specific time... i slept kinda late already because of da vinci.... still early unlike before... but hey! im already awake by 7am.
then i realized it was a call of nature that's why i woke up early... i jumped out of bed then do the business nature's demanding me to do at the middle of my sleep... tsk! mapipigilan ko b?! hahahaha....
mission accomplished! i went OL to reserve a seat in G4 cinema 3 for today because my boo and i will be watching the "meet the folkers" later... it's my decision, u knoe, kind of relaxation...
and because im OL, i also had the urge to blog... well, here i am... writing this non-sense article...
neway, i just want to say that im glad my exams were finished already even though they were simply like ordinary days because on normal days, i mean days without exams, we have quizzes... and sometimes 4 quizzes in a day... dagdagan pa ng practical exams sa lab! lufet!
eion! para ngang mas mahirap pa quizzes e kesa exams... because almost every exams, puro multiple choice ang pucha! pero xempre, pareho lang ang way ng pag-aral mo... LOL
er, i was surprised to see a JCPenny paperbag on top of my table at the end of my bunk. t'was from my tita in US, it contained 2 shirts that were too large for me to wear! she doesn't knoe im a cute guy... hahaha... i looked at the tag and the sizes were L/XL? what? are they expecting me na tataba pa? LOL... i knoe tumaba na ko but hey! ayoko atang maging bulas! hehehe... XL? never! (except siguro pag 'for kids' ok lang LOL)
neway, i had an oppurtunity to chat with this wave891 deejay a while ago... well well well...
owkay! ima leave now... ima eat breakfast... okis? big big HUG!

"IS" and a poem for me

"IS" internship syndrome
first step this third year second sem
in the library
need to study immuno-sero
to reach internship
i failed my monthly grade
which made life so sick
so now double effort is needed
to be accepted.
well, i did this a while ago while in the library studying... bigla ako nag-hang so i did this poem, pathetic nga kasi obvious na excited at kinakabahan ako for internship.
this next poem is a favorite... written siya sa planner ko for this year 2005.
wake. carry on. sleep. it stays with you.
it's where you are comfortable. it's where it's real. no pretentions.
it's wonderful & straightforward
it's bright, tempered with a round smoothness,
ending with a clean finish.
welcome to our house.
welcome to starbucks house blend!

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`ta `ta!

bro ken at ako... taken at wheel of fate... thanx pala kay bro for the pics...
posted by dack

taken outside EK before leaving... aroung 12.30 am...
posted by dack

taken at rialto before getting inside...
posted by dack

taken before leaving EK... wasted na mga tao pero high pa rin!
posted by dack

dude ryan and bro ken... enjoying EK...
posted by dack

with the clowns of EK... ewan ko kung saan nanaman ako nakatingin!
posted by dack

d naman ata ako maxado masaya? er, we were supposed to jump but sheena, pulled me so ganyan nangyari... katawa si cheng!
posted by dack

er, taken at the rialto!
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think happy thoughts...

hehe... yeah... you must think happy thoughts! LOL
neway, i just want to say Happy New Year! new year's resolution?
well, i don't believe in such but well, i guess i have to make one list so just to feel the new year!
  1. i think i need to think more morally correct... is that correct? think more morally correct? because, maybe you don't knoe that sometimes, what i believe in is not in accordance to what is morally good.
  2. spend less... shop less and of course kasama dun ang go to starbucks less... i now knoe the adverse effect of me taking up too much caffein... when i do venipuncture at school laboratory, i tremble, and it's a bad thing because i shouldn't be... and one more this is that what if i'm already a doctor, t'would be very hard to do an operation with trembling hands eryt? or at least if a can't lessen my intake of coffee, decaf na lang! LOL...
  3. study hard! well, now is the time where i should start shapin my career, because whatever hardship i do now, i knoe soon may kapalit... and well, and hirap na ng subjects namin e... kung gusto ko makapag-intern sa april, i really must study hard...
  4. never procrastinate... wah, i hate procrastination but can't help especially when im tired...
  5. matuto magpuyat...
  6. spend more time with people that i care for and those who makes me very special...
  7. less gimiks... it only means that i need to go home early when i go out...
  8. to be more friendly... especially to my professors...
well, that's all about it... ayoko na dagdagan... kasi nakakahiya pag nde naman matupad... LOL
neway, my christmas break was OWKAY!
hehe we spent 4 days in baguio kahit may outbreak ng meniggococcemia... nagpaka-baboy nanaman ako sa dami ng party na pinuntahan... LOL... and it was great kasi i was with my whole family... next christmas bka nde na maulit kasi nde na ko makakauwi...
eion! er, ok pa naman ako first week of class ng 2005... pero marami na talga nangyari... i'm just happy na majority ng nangyari ay ok...
gonna watch ocean's 12 later! ciao ciao!

nico, a hottie and trizzia, my lil sister...
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nico at ako... sino mas pogi? LOL...
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another pic taken in baguio... with my real bro again... rajie! LOL>..
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kami ulit... kya lang mejo dark pagkakakuha... LOL... taken lunch time at the hotel...
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my utols! hehehe... taken at the hotel... eion!
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my brother took this shot while i was sleepin in my bro's bunk! hehehe... gwapo pa din kahit tulog... LOL... er, sabi ni krissy(my boo's friend) and antukin daw, bobo... d ah... LOL
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starbux at baguio with my brother rajie taken dec '04
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