deejay and a medtech student conversation...

this is how i chatted with VJ kel of wave891... i think wave veejays are good... i mean... read:
linkin_park852: hi
djkel: Hi.
linkin_park852: er, you're a dj eryt?
djkel: Hi.
linkin_park852: wave 891?
djkel: Uh, yes.
linkin_park852: hehe...
linkin_park852: i got your id from my gf, because we both love the frequency
djkel: Thanks.
linkin_park852: are you the one on-air?
djkel: Yes.
linkin_park852: oic, i thought you're only OL during weekdays
djkel: Nope.
linkin_park852: ok.
linkin_park852: so, can i make requests here or greet someone on-air?
djkel: Requests? Sure.
linkin_park852: ok
linkin_park852: hey, are you the guy or the girl talking?
linkin_park852: hi, can i request for the song "my boo" by usher feat beyonce?
djkel: K
linkin_park852: big K huh?
linkin_park852: hey, are you the guy or the girl talking?
djkel: Kel and Gia.
djkel: Take your pick.
linkin_park852: you're kel... er, gia sounds like a girl's name...
djkel: Good,
linkin_park852: ok... i didn't knoe...
linkin_park852: nga pala, bakit walang deejay sa dreamsounds?
djkel: No need, eh.
linkin_park852: e, i love a lot of dreamsound songs yet i never had the chance to knoe titles....
linkin_park852: hehehe
linkin_park852: hey mr deejay, i need to go... ima eat my breakfast... im gonna wait for my song
linkin_park852: thank you!
djkel: You're welcome./
linkin_park852: nga pala, goog mawnin sa nyo!
linkin_park852: wait... what pala title ng current song?
djkel: Let Me Love You- Mario
linkin_park852: ah ok... thank you ulet! ciao!

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