"IS" and a poem for me

"IS" internship syndrome
first step this third year second sem
in the library
need to study immuno-sero
to reach internship
i failed my monthly grade
which made life so sick
so now double effort is needed
to be accepted.
well, i did this a while ago while in the library studying... bigla ako nag-hang so i did this poem, pathetic nga kasi obvious na excited at kinakabahan ako for internship.
this next poem is a favorite... written siya sa planner ko for this year 2005.
wake. carry on. sleep. it stays with you.
it's where you are comfortable. it's where it's real. no pretentions.
it's wonderful & straightforward
it's bright, tempered with a round smoothness,
ending with a clean finish.
welcome to our house.
welcome to starbucks house blend!

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