Broken Sonnet - Hale

wah!!! nahanap din kita... this is my current favorite song! LOL...

Broken Sonnet by Hale

And now i concede
On the night of this fifteenth song
Of melancholy, of melancholy
And in this next line
I’ll say it all over again
That i love you, i love you.

I don’t care what they say
I don’t care what they do
‘cause tonight i’ll leave my fears behind
‘cause tonight i’ll be right at your side.

Lie down right next to me
Lie down right next to me
And i will never let go
Will never let go.

The clock on the tv says 8:39 pm
It’s the same, it’s the same
And in this next line I’ll say it all over again
That i love you, i love you.

I don’t care what they say
I don’t care what they do
‘cause tonight i’ll leave my fears behind
‘cause tonight i’ll be right at your side.

Lie down right next to me
Lie down right next to me
And i will never let go
Will never let go.

I’ll leave my fears behind
‘cause tonight i’ll be right at your side.

Lie down right next to me
Lie down right next to me
And i will never let go
Will never let go.

But still i see the tears from your eyes
Maybe i’m just not the one for you.

Can You Help Me

LSS: Can You Help Me - Usher

Living on the edge out of control
And the world just won't le me slow down
But in my biggest picture
Was a photo of u and me
Girl, you know I try
I work hard to provide all the material things
That I thought would make u happy
I'm confused
Can u make me understand
Cause I try to give u the best of me
I thought we were cool, maybe I was blind
But never took time to see.

Will u help me
Tell me what u want from me
Can u help me
Tell me why u wanna leave
Baby help me
Without u my whole world is falling apart
And I am going crazy
Life's a prison when ur in love alone (ooh girl I love you)
I need u to come back home (you know I need you)
I don't wanna be alone

Girl I put ur love up on a shelf
And I guess I just left it to die
And now we're not together'
Cause I hurt u to any times
And now ur not around
I wish for every moment of time that got wasted
We used to make sweet love
Baby be my guide please take my hand
I want u to know that I got u if u need it
Don't wanna be on the outside looking in
I gotta have u girl
Can't u see.

Please stay don't go
I don't want it to be over
Give me another chance
I wanna be ur man
Girl u got me
Down here on my knees
Cryin', beggin', pleadin
I'll do anything for your love


Halo... Three consecutive days of outing with friends is not really a good thing... my mom just got the news a while ago about the 3 days day-out... and i got to hear her sermons a while ago over the phone... it sucks but i knoe they really care about me... but then, as if im doing anything wrong... ok... i knoe going out and be home late in 3 consecutive days is not a good thing but... this is the only time im doing such thing... because i have no time soon for these... look:

Monday, went out with close friends, apparently, supposed to be with dude ryan and twin bro ken only, but kira and babs also went with us... so we went to starbucks, intramuros and RP... t'was a bonding session... really... had a great time with them...

Tuesday, we played badminton with blockmates and other friends... we actually did this after enrollment... a bonding session with classmates and other batchmates... one of them is my new blockmate howard...

Today, wednesday... i went out with her... it was apparently not a bonding day with her... i accompanied her to makati because she has to submit her recommendation letter for her OJT! well, we watched 'the pacifier' but then... u knoe, it's just that...

bukas, seminar na kami, then sunod na araw (friday), start na ko mag-work! dba?

hay... sana nga mag-start na ko mag-work... antok na ko... sana maintindihan nila that hindi ko naman pinababayaan pag-aaral ko... im starting to think na hindi na tuloy mag-med... kasi naman masyado na kong pressured... look, what if mag-med pa ko... e d mas grabe pa dito... kailangan naman kasi sometimes ng social life... nde puro na lang pag-aaral... well, actually, mahirap naman talga ang course na medtech sa UST but that doesn't mean nahihirapan ako kasi may social life ako... actually, these people also help me get through this hard course... medtech is not like any other courses... compare na kung compare... mahirap talga... but duh... kung pabaya ako dahil sa social life ko, siguro di na ko umabot ng 3rd year...

hay.... tulog na ko...


er, it's easter sunday... i don't feel good! need i greet everyone? well, i already did... almost everybody because not everybody's using sun cellular... i already texted every sun cellular users, greeted them a happy easter... well, it's still a sucky day though... because i didn't have a good sleep... im really having a hard time writing... my grammar and vocabulary sucks... er, i guess it would be like this forever... blame my high school. neway, i forgot to greet kenneth a happy birthday here in my blog... well, bro, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i knoe i pissed you off during your party and im really sorry for that... forgiven na dba? day after ken's party (satuhday), barbie and i went to gateway to watch robots with my sister and 3 cousins who were very kulit... amp, para kaming mga magulang dun! apparently, i was kinda pissed but then t'was fun... i actually had a great time... we then went to divisoria, still with the kids to pick my mom and tita because they bought tela for my uniform and stuffs for my cousin's birthday... well, i was very tired after that day because of heavy traffic (driving in an area like divisoria is not a joke especially driving an MT car... sucks) and the fact that i still don't have a nice sleep due to sleepless nights during exams and the friday night party at ken's apartment. whew! next day, we went to marikina to shop (tiange shop)... after that, we headed back to pangasinan... er, grad ng utol ko, yes, i went to my brother's graduation... it was okay except for the sucky feeling of seeing you teachers again... wah! so, it went well naman, and i also met my old friends in high school... they're still the same but then well, with some changes of course... especially the vibe... er, that night, we went to baguio to have dinner... and yup, for sturbucks... we're the starbucks family u knoe... hehehe... barbie went straight to baguio from manila to meet us and have dinner... well, it was a looong trip that she arrived at already around 10?. er, yup... we had dinner at around 10pm... after dinner, we went back down... another tiring day... kinabukasan, wednesday, wah! general cleaning ng bahay! amp, kakapagod... whole day, natapos lang namin? SALAS... yup! weh... nag-aalergy pa ko kasi naman, alikabok! hanggang ngayon? runny nose pa din... neway, it was kewl though because it served as a bonding time with my family... wakekeke... exactly! er, thurs and fri--> clean pa din ng bahay but it wasn't as heavy as wednesday... hehehe... saturday, we went to LIS resort... i met barbie there... well, apparently, she's reviewing for her examination this coming week. there were a lot of swimmers! parang nde sila naka-langoy ng isang taon! well, while my parents were making reservations for the golden wedding anniv of my grannys, i spent the time with her kahit saglit lang... well, kulang pa din... mom actually invited her if she wants to go with us to dagupan but i objected because she has to review... dba? so, we went to dagupan after that to shop... grocery and some things on the sides... hehehe... before we went home... i get to see ryan dude in their store... well, i was supposed to go there earlier but i don't knoe how to get there riding a jeepney... e gamit ni dad yung car kasi nagpa-freon... walang taxi sa dagupan noh! er, so i told him that maybe before we go home, e daan ako sa kanila... nakakahiya nga kasi nagpaluto pa ata siya ng merienda... hehehe... ayun! e, nang pauwi na kami, tama bang nagmamadali si dad umuwi... i dunno... he even took a short-cut pauwi... e mom wants to eat merienda so, we went back to city proper... buti na lang, sa jollibee sila nag-stop... e malapit dun bahay nila dude... dumaan na ko... hehehe... so, nagkita din kami... er, ill be going back to manila later... wah... excited na hindi... er, ima go to starbucks with my friends tomrow after our appointments... im excited! make plans, make plans... enaco! B, don't worry, we'll find time ok? kahit busy days na and evrything...

amp 24/7 yan, P350 na?!

i didn't knoe that guys like me can also become kilig at some moment... not until now... er, i dunno what to say when i read what barbie wrote... wah... click HERE to read... LOL... but of course that kilig thing is a different kilig to girls' kilig... malubha ang kilig ng mga girls... LOL...

neway, im back... home... pangasinan! yerp! apparently, i was already here since yesterday... why? e dba dapat tue pa ako uwi? kasi kailangan ko magpa-tahi ng uniform! er, eion! i've nothing to do here... buti na lang dala ko hand-outs ko for NMAT... pero nakakatamad mag-review! sus, katatapos lang ng exams noh, give me a break!

knoe what? yeah, admit ko na... im a brat,.,. pero Barbie, you have to admit mas brat ka sa akin... kasi na figure-out ko, mas brat ka talga sa akin...

er, d ko pa makukuha N6260 ko until next week! wah... d dumating yung order ni dad e! wah... but well, nabili ko na yung pink na shirt na gusto ko... like the shirt worn by wesley gonzales sa past picture na post ko... er, wait ko na lang mag-sale yung green tee from lacost! LOL...

neway, nagpa-order din pala ang utol kong graduate bukas sa high school ng kanyang new fon kay dad... er, N7270? wah... flip din... pareho kaming flip! LOL... er, wala lang... taka lang ko, ang dali naman ata kasi magpabili kay dad ngayon...

hey guess what? im wondering lang kasi... may nakita akong catalogs and price lists ng honda civic sa office table ni dad kanina... is he planning to buy a new car? hmmm.... don't expect! LOL...

ill be back in manila sa sunday! wah... nde na uli ako makaka-uwi... lapit na internship... weh... excited pero kinakabahan~! d ko pa nga alam kung saang hospital ako mag-intern e...

ghe, alis na ko, amp, ang init!


B, i miss you! see yah soon! :*
i also miss my friends... :P

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keen observation

knoe what? i used the microwave a few minutes ago... i reheated the pastel given to me by barbie yesterday for my merienda... after reheating, i noticed that there were number of ants inside the microwave... im just curious, would these ants going to mutate and turn into a monster or something of that kind? wah... what if... are they going to hunt me for doing so? or are they going to thank me for mutating them? LOL... wah...
pagod lang siguro ko mag-aral... LOL...

wat's wrong with my tag-board?

halow! this week's exhausting! 1 week na lang... tapos na ang aral days! wakekeke... i can already feel the internship syndrom... im beginning to imagine what life would be inside a real hospital laboratory... would it be harder? er, i dunno... ill give updates as soon as internship starts ok? hehehe...

neway, YES! another tiring week had passed... whew! well, it's not just a tiring week, also a freaking kagaguhan week. for the past few (3?) days, i was the object of laughter inside the room particularly to my close friends... not because im ugly or nething... it's because i have this scar on my nose... yup! a templar scar... i had this scar because it was irritated when one night, i think my face was too filthy because i haven't consulted a dermatologist for like months already... and i feel my face is studded with white heads blah blah blah... so i cleaned it for like an hour with a special cleaner... then it became itchy, irritated then it scarred. well, lesson learned, let the experts do the cleaning... but im owkay about it... no hard feelings... friends are like that... hehehe... LOL...

er, im starting to think about not going to review center tomrow but, well, i need to... i was absent last sunday and i need to get the hand-outs... and i think i might be absent again next saturday because we'll have this inuman sa apartment ni ken next friday! LOL... im expecting it would be fun... hope it will...

apparently, (well, *B, nahawa na ko sayo) er, ok na ko about the *issue... hehehe... bahala na sila... wala talga ko kasalanan... and isa pa... sus! i think they're trying to get the vibe again with me kasi i think they sensed that i was like getting away with them... well, mahirap din naman mag-move on... and iba na talga...

i tole ken a few days ago... "ken, sana nakipag-sex na lang talaga ako nung sabado, dba?" hehehe... what a stupid idea... pero come to think about it... they believed i did it then sana ginawa ko na lang para at least totoo, no hard feelings... LOL... well, im just kidding at that time yet, jowks are half meant ryt? LOL...

*B and i will see each other tomrow... and im excited to have lunch with her tomrow! well, i miss her badly...

finally, i will really take the NMAT on april10... we had submitted the form already yesterday in makati... and i think im really gonna do it, although having little fears on the side....

ciao ciao! nyt! big hug!

er, ken's right! there's nothing to fuss about it... well, im not guilty! it's not true... the problem now is, pano pa ko mabubuhay sa bahay na 'to? ang hirap makisalamuha sa mga taong pinagdududahan ka at siyempre iba na pakikisama sa 'yo... hay buhay... t'wud never be the same again... mom's right, i should let them see that they're wrong! amp! ok na ko... ok na sa ok....
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it wasn't easy...

i think i should not write this here but hey, bat naman nde?

I wanna run away... I mean all by myself... run away all by myself... i don't knoe wat came into their mind that they feel im doing such immoral things! Last night, i was talking with her over the phone... Yes, we simply talked over the phone... not the usual me going home late already with her... that was the plan... go home early because that's what they want me to do... and also because i have a lot of school things to do... just when i thought everything was alright, just when i'm glad that i got home early, i was called a while ago downstairs and they asked me who's the woman im with last night in my bedroom... they said they heard me talking with someone at around 12 midnight and my lights are off... they even said that i turned on my lights right before the woman went out of my room. at first, im not thinking anything bad until i realized that they were already suspecting me of having that *thing in my bedroom last night. i was so shocked because im not expecting that thing.

i simply said i was talking with her on the phone last night... we talked at around 12 midnight already because that's the time when you can easily call using SUNcel. well, we took like an hour or two talking because hey, we only saw each other like 2 hours yesterday... and it's not the usual... 2 hours a week? that's not normal, ryt? so to speak! then, they asked me why the lights are off during that time... hey, wat's wrong with talking over the phone when the lights are off? and duh... we talked like 2 hours and so i turned off the lights to save energy and perhaps, t'was already late night. they again asked me about the girl who came out of my bedroom last night after switching on my lights... i toled them that i brushed my teeth before i slept so i have to turn on the light and get out of my bedroom to go to the bathroom.

But then, i think, based from their facial reaction... they were in doubt of me... well, im not doing anything wrong! it's like their faces were telling me, "i don't believe you blah blah blah." those stares really scared me! after that, i went straight into my room and started crying... well, i knoe i shouldn't be... but hey, this is the first time i feel so bad3p because "they" are accusing me of sooo not me things that im not really gonna do! and the fact that they'r "them"! dba?!

The crap... i hate this day!

i talked with her, mom and tita eva already and im thankful that they're there... sh*t im still crying you knoe... and i don't want to talk about it again because i think ima gonna cry again... kala ko pa naman nde talga ko maudlin... amp! well, and pangit kasi ng feeling na sila pa yung mag-doubt... i mean, im very open na nga with my relationship with her to everyone blah blah blah... and kasi naman, the prob is that, when they have problems with me, they don't talk with me... except kanina... amp!

isa pa... im not gonna do that kasi... i have sooo many plans for myself! mahirap na noh!

now evrybody knoes im such a cry baby... amp!

nde na ko makapag-aral... kya nga ko nde pumunta sa review center today ay para mag-aral... tas ganto lang pala...

im not going to run away... thanx kila mama...

give me a break!

mababait na bata!

alam nyo ba? nahuli kami ng MMDA kanina ni bro ken along laong laan - lacson intersection... amp! kasalanan ng blue fx e... kasi ambagal mag-drive... na-beating the red tuloy kami... amp! well, masyado kaming mabait para hindi matiketan dba? eryt! nde kami natikitan... you've read it right! konting palusot lang at ok naman na... LOL... wla lang... i have no one to tell... ciao!

fav line: "hindi naman po ako criminal, mayroon naman po akong good moral character!" --> twin bro.
guess what?! i've got invitations from 3 different med schools! LOL... fatima, lasalle and angeles univ! LOL... hehehe... la lang!

i must feel good today because it's friday!~

dapat march 03, '05 tong post na to kaso when i was about to post, B and i started chatting and so my emotions were gone... i began to feel the shift of emotions... from being sad to happy... then nag-DC ako para mag-aral... then break, tas aral, tas OL ulit ako to post... hay...
owkay... so, i was sad because i met carl a while ago when i was walking down our street from school. Well, carl is the son of our u knoe... very good and now very controversial barangay captain... here at east kamias... well, if your read newspapers and watch news programs, you'll likely get to knoe who im talking about... it's kap octavio garces... isa sa mga napapabalitang involve sa kidnapping... yes, the dennis roldan issue...
wah... im sad about his son because:
  • he's very affected... bihira na siya lumabas... (well, bahay nila tapat bahay namin) yet i believe his dad is not really involved!
  • he's my schoolmate... well, taga-UST din siya... LOL (connect?)
  • i saw him with a smile on his face yet i knoe... nahihiya siya...
  • basta alam ko... inosente dad nya...
wah! sana nga matapos na yan... naaawa ako sa family nila kasi naman... matagal na namin sila kilala kasi kpitbahay namin sila for like about 20 yrs na dito sa QC... and i think they're nice... amp, kasi naman...
pero ok na ko ngayon... masaya na ako...
hay... nde na ko matutulog... tatapusin ko to!
last month ng pagiging MTstudent ang pinakamahirap sa lahat! SH*T! puyat ako ng whole week! 2 weeks to go!
bye na! big lazy hug by dack!

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