it wasn't easy...

i think i should not write this here but hey, bat naman nde?

I wanna run away... I mean all by myself... run away all by myself... i don't knoe wat came into their mind that they feel im doing such immoral things! Last night, i was talking with her over the phone... Yes, we simply talked over the phone... not the usual me going home late already with her... that was the plan... go home early because that's what they want me to do... and also because i have a lot of school things to do... just when i thought everything was alright, just when i'm glad that i got home early, i was called a while ago downstairs and they asked me who's the woman im with last night in my bedroom... they said they heard me talking with someone at around 12 midnight and my lights are off... they even said that i turned on my lights right before the woman went out of my room. at first, im not thinking anything bad until i realized that they were already suspecting me of having that *thing in my bedroom last night. i was so shocked because im not expecting that thing.

i simply said i was talking with her on the phone last night... we talked at around 12 midnight already because that's the time when you can easily call using SUNcel. well, we took like an hour or two talking because hey, we only saw each other like 2 hours yesterday... and it's not the usual... 2 hours a week? that's not normal, ryt? so to speak! then, they asked me why the lights are off during that time... hey, wat's wrong with talking over the phone when the lights are off? and duh... we talked like 2 hours and so i turned off the lights to save energy and perhaps, t'was already late night. they again asked me about the girl who came out of my bedroom last night after switching on my lights... i toled them that i brushed my teeth before i slept so i have to turn on the light and get out of my bedroom to go to the bathroom.

But then, i think, based from their facial reaction... they were in doubt of me... well, im not doing anything wrong! it's like their faces were telling me, "i don't believe you blah blah blah." those stares really scared me! after that, i went straight into my room and started crying... well, i knoe i shouldn't be... but hey, this is the first time i feel so bad3p because "they" are accusing me of sooo not me things that im not really gonna do! and the fact that they'r "them"! dba?!

The crap... i hate this day!

i talked with her, mom and tita eva already and im thankful that they're there... sh*t im still crying you knoe... and i don't want to talk about it again because i think ima gonna cry again... kala ko pa naman nde talga ko maudlin... amp! well, and pangit kasi ng feeling na sila pa yung mag-doubt... i mean, im very open na nga with my relationship with her to everyone blah blah blah... and kasi naman, the prob is that, when they have problems with me, they don't talk with me... except kanina... amp!

isa pa... im not gonna do that kasi... i have sooo many plans for myself! mahirap na noh!

now evrybody knoes im such a cry baby... amp!

nde na ko makapag-aral... kya nga ko nde pumunta sa review center today ay para mag-aral... tas ganto lang pala...

im not going to run away... thanx kila mama...

give me a break!

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