er, it's easter sunday... i don't feel good! need i greet everyone? well, i already did... almost everybody because not everybody's using sun cellular... i already texted every sun cellular users, greeted them a happy easter... well, it's still a sucky day though... because i didn't have a good sleep... im really having a hard time writing... my grammar and vocabulary sucks... er, i guess it would be like this forever... blame my high school. neway, i forgot to greet kenneth a happy birthday here in my blog... well, bro, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i knoe i pissed you off during your party and im really sorry for that... forgiven na dba? day after ken's party (satuhday), barbie and i went to gateway to watch robots with my sister and 3 cousins who were very kulit... amp, para kaming mga magulang dun! apparently, i was kinda pissed but then t'was fun... i actually had a great time... we then went to divisoria, still with the kids to pick my mom and tita because they bought tela for my uniform and stuffs for my cousin's birthday... well, i was very tired after that day because of heavy traffic (driving in an area like divisoria is not a joke especially driving an MT car... sucks) and the fact that i still don't have a nice sleep due to sleepless nights during exams and the friday night party at ken's apartment. whew! next day, we went to marikina to shop (tiange shop)... after that, we headed back to pangasinan... er, grad ng utol ko, yes, i went to my brother's graduation... it was okay except for the sucky feeling of seeing you teachers again... wah! so, it went well naman, and i also met my old friends in high school... they're still the same but then well, with some changes of course... especially the vibe... er, that night, we went to baguio to have dinner... and yup, for sturbucks... we're the starbucks family u knoe... hehehe... barbie went straight to baguio from manila to meet us and have dinner... well, it was a looong trip that she arrived at already around 10?. er, yup... we had dinner at around 10pm... after dinner, we went back down... another tiring day... kinabukasan, wednesday, wah! general cleaning ng bahay! amp, kakapagod... whole day, natapos lang namin? SALAS... yup! weh... nag-aalergy pa ko kasi naman, alikabok! hanggang ngayon? runny nose pa din... neway, it was kewl though because it served as a bonding time with my family... wakekeke... exactly! er, thurs and fri--> clean pa din ng bahay but it wasn't as heavy as wednesday... hehehe... saturday, we went to LIS resort... i met barbie there... well, apparently, she's reviewing for her examination this coming week. there were a lot of swimmers! parang nde sila naka-langoy ng isang taon! well, while my parents were making reservations for the golden wedding anniv of my grannys, i spent the time with her kahit saglit lang... well, kulang pa din... mom actually invited her if she wants to go with us to dagupan but i objected because she has to review... dba? so, we went to dagupan after that to shop... grocery and some things on the sides... hehehe... before we went home... i get to see ryan dude in their store... well, i was supposed to go there earlier but i don't knoe how to get there riding a jeepney... e gamit ni dad yung car kasi nagpa-freon... walang taxi sa dagupan noh! er, so i told him that maybe before we go home, e daan ako sa kanila... nakakahiya nga kasi nagpaluto pa ata siya ng merienda... hehehe... ayun! e, nang pauwi na kami, tama bang nagmamadali si dad umuwi... i dunno... he even took a short-cut pauwi... e mom wants to eat merienda so, we went back to city proper... buti na lang, sa jollibee sila nag-stop... e malapit dun bahay nila dude... dumaan na ko... hehehe... so, nagkita din kami... er, ill be going back to manila later... wah... excited na hindi... er, ima go to starbucks with my friends tomrow after our appointments... im excited! make plans, make plans... enaco! B, don't worry, we'll find time ok? kahit busy days na and evrything...

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