weeeh! it's patrick star!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comyeah it's patrick! this little patrick star was given by my lovely girlfriend last june 16... actually, t'was not a surprise although i was surprised to see patrick sooo freakin cute! LOL... i knoe i knoe... im a big fan of spongebob squarepants cartoons but my fave is not spongebob but patrick... booooo spongebob! t'shud be "the patrick star show!" or better yet "patrick super star!" LOL... kiddin! er, actually, june 16 was a long, tiring yet amazing day... babrie and i together with my good friend ken and girlfriend rhona went out... watched this smith movie and had dinner... un! njoy kami! this picture was taken before we went inside the movie house... actually, t'was me behind patrick... LOL...

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