Bye Luna, Hello Heart!

Im now working at Philippine Heart Center as an intern. Whew, buti na lang i've got the same sked with v.Luna medical center. The sked's the same but the rest, sooo different! I was shocked because they're not that strict with our attendance. The staff in different sections are all good also. Interns are not allowed to extract alone unlike in V.Luna. We accompany the staff in warding... sometimes they let us do the extractions... especially if they find out you're from a lab where interns do the extractions. Unlike in V.Luna, everythings automated in heart, except for staining procedures and the ESR (wala namang machine for ESR right?) LOL, oh and also the processing of tissue in histopathology is also not automated. But i miss V.Luna sooo much, of course all the people there... wah... okay lang, im starting to enjoy naman na e... although iba pa din ang first in... un!

neway, thesis? we're editing it na lang and we're done! Im excited about defense... naku!

i had my exam a while ago, amp, ang hirap nung identification, yun pa man din yung topic na di ko masyado inaral... newborn screening!

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