i hate to see you go...

im bad. everything... in any aspect... i might not go home to pangasinan this coming christmas, eventhough i have this 7-straight-days break... i don't want to do it but i think it's the best thing to do... everything that happened this month sucked! i don't knoe but it really was sucky... i hope before it ends, everything will be back to normal... at least into normal... i miss my two buddies... now it sucks more...

sucky events:( i hate to do this but in order to let go pls give me a chance to recall everything that made this month sucks!)

  • somebody's shit-using my email.
  • i think my dad hates me. (according to my mom)
  • i think i hate my dad.
  • i am broke. (whatever is you're thinking, YES)
  • a VERY demanding and SOOOO inconsiderate thesis-mate.

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