elao's the best!

wohoo! i'm back! in just a few seconds lang... hahaha... i just want to say that eugene again texted us that the subsection C2 where i belong doesn't have to go to school tomorrow morning because we doesn't have any unfinished business already. anyway, since im back and i still have enough time to blog i just want to say something about the 2007 starbucks planner.

everyone's going crazy about this starbucks planner especially the first timers. lol. anyway, i had funny experiences with this planner already with people who are going gaga over it. there was this one classmate of mine asking people for receipt in order to fill-up the stars in his coupon. why? i dunno, maybe he doesn't have money for a cup of coffee, or doeasn't actually drink coffee and just want to get the planner or let's say ahmmm... well the most probable reason is that he can't afford the coffee... im sorry about that but hey, the truth really hurts...

another encounter was when i was in starbucks timog studying and was in a queue to buy a drink. there was this old fat guy who was claiming for a sticker from a pre-stamped receipt. and here's the catch, the receipt was already crampled and the date of purchase can hardly read, the bartender explained that she can't put on sticker in his coupon because the date of purchase wasn't clear already so she can't tell if the receipt was still valid. he was persistent and even demanded to talk with the branch manager. the branch manager still refused to give a sticker so the fat guy finally gave up, but he said sumthing like "kilala ko ang may-ari ng starbucks, i-rereport ko kayo" then he left. the bartenders discreetly laughed with each other when the guy was already gone. pathetic eryt?

i also don't get the idea why people collect more than 1 planner... what's the point eryt? give it as a gift? how sweet! how sad... yeah because maybe they just want to show people that they got 10 planners for the year. lol.

another thing, why are they too excited in getting the planner? the year hasn't end yet. where will they use it? hahaha... what's funnier? i even see people bring these new leather-cased planner for next year in starbucks or sometimes even see someone holding it in the mall. why? the planner is for next year, not for this year, so ahm.... maybe they're already making plans for next year?! hahaha... crazy... show-off!

well, last year, starbucks had a shortage with the planner, i had my planner about late january already... starbucks said, people doesn't have to worry about another planner scarcity because they made enough for this year.

mom got her planner already and i still have 5 empty stars in my coupon. oh well, i just want to say that the planner for next year is not as good as this year or even last year... the only good thing about it is that it has leather case and a pen... lol.

can't be too excited

owkay, this is the longest 3-days or, let's just say longest week ever. i have 3 exams before finally having my christmas break! i had my anatomy practical exam a while ago about the mediastinum (which is hard) and unfortunately this afternoon we also had this short quiz in histology about female reproductive system to which i only got 5 out of ten. lol. anyway, the practical exam was already done by 10am, and histology class starts at around 1pm so we decided to eat somewhere else but around the ust vicinity. since nobody brought a car today, we ended up going to san lazaro mall riding a cab. hehehe... anyway, after we ate lunch, we went to the "world of fun" and played games like first-timer children very excited and doesn't knoe which game machine to play first. lol.

tomorrow would be our long quiz in anatomy about mediastinum again and luckily, we'll have no class in the morning. so i have time to study biochemistry tonight wherein the coverage is very long and doesn't have to worry about anatomy for tomorrow because i still have time to study tomorrow morning. anyway, i haven't bought a gift yet for the class "bunot-bunotan", i'm really worried, im having a shortage, yeah and would you believe? im having a shortage for money... i can't manage to ask my parents for money... lol. and the harder i try not to spend money, the more uncontrolled i am in spending. lol.

there is no scheduled class on wednesday except for the biochemistry departmental exam about nucleic acid and its metab etc. hay, i really don't like that particular subject matter... anyway, after that, we'll be having lunch in morato, i can't remember the name of the resto, it will be abby's (panganiban) birthday celebration... then in the evening, we'll go and celebrate the yearly paskuhan in uste. yehey! the christmas party of our class will be held after the paskuhan in abby's (quintos) house. then after the party, ill be going home to pangasinan. i wasn't supposed to go to pangasinan till december 25 because we'll be having christmas here in QC but since my dad can't celebrate christmas with us here in qc, i have to go home to drive mom and my other siblings here... tsk! hehehe...

wahat! i just received this text message from eugene that says: "May pasok ang physio to accdng 2 physio dep. Tatapusn daw mga unfnishd sgd. 7 am pa rn daw"

what the hell naman eryt?! plans destroyed. lol... hehehe... owkay i think i really need to go. paalam!

the columns

today is friday, im in the columns in makati. my groupmates in physiology will be staying here together with some of our classmates as our subjects for our research. i haven't talked about our research yet here in my blog. well, just so you know, we have this research which is required in physiology in order to finish first year. LOL... anyway, it's all about testing what would be the most effective type of breakfast that a medical student can eat to increase attentiveness . well, as we all know, we need to be very attentive in order for us to be alert and focused during class. anyway, it was concluded that those who eat breakfast are more attentive that day than those who doesn't eat anything in the morning. well, we actually try to follow that, to eat breakfast everyday in order to be attentive in class but somehow, still there are times we were not able to concentrate in the class especially if the subject matter is boring or if the day after that class, we had a huge exam that we were so tired to listen to another lecture. anyway, enough about our research, basta, our research's main point is to knoe which kind of breakfast would make us more attentive in class. hehehe...

so now i'm already in james' crib, yeah the column! wohooo! very nice. i was in glorietta a while a ago, i was with my brother. actually, i was supposed to cancel our shopping there because i was very tired because we were forced to dissect the rotting cadaver in school so when i got home i felt very sleepy and got to bed immediately. when i was already in bed, i drowsed a bit then i didn't noticed i was already having a long sleep. my brother was in school, well that's what he said or maybe he was actually somewhere with his gf, i just don't knoe, and the plan was just to meet up in glorietta after his and my class. i woke up because of his call, he was actually in glorietta already. he was like mad because i was still in the house. hehehe... so i rushed packing things up for the research and went immediately in glorietta. anyway, so we bought some gifts, for dad and our brother raje. aun! so after that, we ate dinner then he went home alone because i have to go here in james' place for the research.

and so i'm already here... im the first to arrive. lol.

anyway, i had my caffeine fixed, it was a cold latte (yup, the nut thing? lol) eventhough i was having throat problem. lol i fell sick actually...

long friiiiiday...

this was taken at the biochem laboratory when we did the ELISA test and we got the experiment right so we took this picture as a sign of approval. anyways, this was not included in one of my friday activities but i just want to share... LOL... neways, we also did this experiment about micronucleus wherein we injected a mutagenic substance into the rat and killed it on the following day. We took the rat's bone marrow in its femur... i was amazed on how cute the rat's femur was. we smeared and stained the extracted marrows and tada! we'll be viewing it next week. micronucleaus hunting!

the minor medical mission's my first activity this friday, we were like tole to be in front of the ust med building at around 5:30 in the mawnin but what the hell, almost everyone's late. they arrived like 30 minutes after the said meeting time. we had breakfast in the seminary dining area and i was surprised to find out that we'll be using the UST bus to go to the mission site... hehe. so we decided to take pictures with the bus. LOL... because it was actually my first time riding the UST bus. hehe.

we arrived at the mission site (sitio malasa, tarlac) at around 9:30am, we first had a eucharistic mass to celebrate the immaculate conception. hehe... i knoe... LOL... anyway, after the mass, we went into this small school and prepared for this medical mission. the nursing group were assigned to take the vital signs of the patients, first year med students were assigned in history taking and physical exam, and the higher years were assigned in prescribing drugs, etc. there were a lot of patients and i had a hard time getting the patient's history... there were a lot of rules and of course you must knoe if the patient is actually telling the truth or just making stories in order to get free drugs from us.

we had our lunch at around 2:30 already in the afternoon because there were a lot of patients. after a short break for lunch, we immediately went back to work. we finished at around 4:00pm and were very happy because we can see that the people there are very happy because we gave them a free medical consultation and medicines... before leaving, the seminarians who were also there prepared merienda for us. i was home already at around 7 in the evening.

i was also invited on that day by jc, lovely and kai in their birthday celebration so when i got home from the mission, i ate dinner and immediately went to the party because i thought i was already late since they tole me that the party will start at around 7pm. i was in Pier 1 by 8:30 and was very shocked because there were only a few people that was already there... lotsa foods, beer and picture takings... i left the party at around 12 mn... LOL... very tired...

i went to see some old friends, went to starbucks and people's support to eat yellow cab. LOL...

it was a very tiring friday so i guess i'll be taking my whole saturday as a rest day... i would probably sleep the whole day... eventhough it was really very tiring, i actually enjoyed the company of good friends and im very happy that i learned something new.

MMI peeps @ doc Olalia's house

this was taken at doc Olalia's house. it was a christmas party of MMI and a victory party for the successful medical mission last summer. Anyway, the minor mission will be tomorrow and we'll be leaving for tarlac at around 5:30 in the morning... very early huh? yeah... and i pray that i get there on time... because the last time (malta mission), i was like 1 hour late. LOL... anyway it would be better for me to log-out already and sleep. nighty!


lol... do not continue reading this post if you don't want to read rants... lol

anyway, guess what? i miss a quiz last tuesday... i still can't believe why i wasn't able to take the quiz. it was a quiz in renal physiology 1. i slept early the night before that quiz and i ended up waking at around 6 in the morning. my class starts at 7 and quizzes are given first thing in the morning. of course i panicked and i tried hard to go to school as fast as i can. i took the cab but still no luck, i arrived there in the projection room where all my classmates and the physician (already discussing about renal2) staring at me like i don't belong to the class. the quiz was over. i was worried because it's so hard to get high grades in physiology... the professor who is discussing is doing great with all the explanations but i can't focus myself with the topic. when the professor gave us a break in the middle of the lecture, i ran and followed the doctor who gave the quiz but she refused to give me a special quiz. damn it eryt? after the break, i wasn't able to focus myself again to the lecture as it gets harder... pfft!

another thing...

you can't really please everybody especially in an SGD session... there are certain people who think they really are smart enough and just want to bury you alive while making a good explanation... i'm talking about people who has a say into anything, and not just that, they talk when someone's still talking. it's all about respect eryt? when i say a person has a say into anything, im pointing into those people who doesn't care about the way another person explains, they just stick into their own mediocre thoughts and think they were the only person right... and eventhough you really have this good discussion and some people's giving you credit for what you did, they still wouldn't believe you did it good, or to a greater extent, won't even still believe in you and try to convinve you that the discussion/explanation you did is garble and make you feel bad. these people think they are smart, they won't really say it but you knoe their minds have this burying-another-person thing. they have this comment about everything and i can't live with these kind of people but UST medicine has a lot of them... you must stay away from them. owell...

have a nice day!


it all started when eugene texted me wednesday night when i was still in gateway watching this bond movie. Why am i watching a movie on wednesday? I knoe, i knoe... our schedule every wednesday is only half-day. Our scheduled class the following day (thursday) was only physiology in the morning and no biochemistry class in the afternoon. well, that thursday was supposed to be a free day for us (no class in the original schedule but GMA moved the holiday on friday) but the physiology department made a revision with our schedule. anyway, so eugene texted me, oh us... our section by the way. hehehe... he told us that there would be no class on the following day. the reason for the suspension was this typhoon reming... i thought he was kidding because there was no rain during those time and the weather was okay. so i texted kuya emong to confirm the news, i also want to knoe if the MMI GA on the following day will be posponed. kuya emong replied "yes". it was a garble reply because i asked maybe 2 or 3 questions to him and i don't know which one he answered yes. LOL.

anyway, so there was no class the following day. i wanted to watch happy feet that day but was too lazy to go out and kind of afraid because it might rain and get all wet. LOL... anyway, so i didn't do anything that day except to wait for reming. i didn't even open a book or a hand-out and show the people in the house that eventhough there is no class, im still studying. LOL. the day came into an end but reming did not come. the news report said reming was in bicol. i wasn't sure if i heard it right that it was bicol. haha. anyway, i asked MMI officers if the medical mission in pampanga the following day will be cancelled because the report said that the typhoon will hit manila friday morning... wtf eryt? kuya emong said yes again. LOL. faye called asking help for our research... my groupmates are really thinking of still doing our research by the time reming hits manila. i was out and can't give help at that time because i was buying dvds because i was looking forward of a heavy rain on friday, and so i can watch movies the whole day. the research wasn't also in my mind at that time because i was not scheduled to go and do the research that week.

reming was still out of sight. LOL... i tried my best to take a peek in my hand-outs but no i didn't. at least i did my histology manual 3rd book. it sucks though, i stopped doing it after just a few minutes. LOL. i realized i was a bum. a bummer medical student. lol. i watched 4 sucky horror movies. i don't recommend you watching the plague, stay alive and especially silent hill. poor qual movies.

im still a bum, im doing this blog... im planning to really study now or at least later after lunch. LOL... do SGDs! wah! i gotta move! bye!

4 bumming days... what a life...