it all started when eugene texted me wednesday night when i was still in gateway watching this bond movie. Why am i watching a movie on wednesday? I knoe, i knoe... our schedule every wednesday is only half-day. Our scheduled class the following day (thursday) was only physiology in the morning and no biochemistry class in the afternoon. well, that thursday was supposed to be a free day for us (no class in the original schedule but GMA moved the holiday on friday) but the physiology department made a revision with our schedule. anyway, so eugene texted me, oh us... our section by the way. hehehe... he told us that there would be no class on the following day. the reason for the suspension was this typhoon reming... i thought he was kidding because there was no rain during those time and the weather was okay. so i texted kuya emong to confirm the news, i also want to knoe if the MMI GA on the following day will be posponed. kuya emong replied "yes". it was a garble reply because i asked maybe 2 or 3 questions to him and i don't know which one he answered yes. LOL.

anyway, so there was no class the following day. i wanted to watch happy feet that day but was too lazy to go out and kind of afraid because it might rain and get all wet. LOL... anyway, so i didn't do anything that day except to wait for reming. i didn't even open a book or a hand-out and show the people in the house that eventhough there is no class, im still studying. LOL. the day came into an end but reming did not come. the news report said reming was in bicol. i wasn't sure if i heard it right that it was bicol. haha. anyway, i asked MMI officers if the medical mission in pampanga the following day will be cancelled because the report said that the typhoon will hit manila friday morning... wtf eryt? kuya emong said yes again. LOL. faye called asking help for our research... my groupmates are really thinking of still doing our research by the time reming hits manila. i was out and can't give help at that time because i was buying dvds because i was looking forward of a heavy rain on friday, and so i can watch movies the whole day. the research wasn't also in my mind at that time because i was not scheduled to go and do the research that week.

reming was still out of sight. LOL... i tried my best to take a peek in my hand-outs but no i didn't. at least i did my histology manual 3rd book. it sucks though, i stopped doing it after just a few minutes. LOL. i realized i was a bum. a bummer medical student. lol. i watched 4 sucky horror movies. i don't recommend you watching the plague, stay alive and especially silent hill. poor qual movies.

im still a bum, im doing this blog... im planning to really study now or at least later after lunch. LOL... do SGDs! wah! i gotta move! bye!

4 bumming days... what a life...

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