can't be too excited

owkay, this is the longest 3-days or, let's just say longest week ever. i have 3 exams before finally having my christmas break! i had my anatomy practical exam a while ago about the mediastinum (which is hard) and unfortunately this afternoon we also had this short quiz in histology about female reproductive system to which i only got 5 out of ten. lol. anyway, the practical exam was already done by 10am, and histology class starts at around 1pm so we decided to eat somewhere else but around the ust vicinity. since nobody brought a car today, we ended up going to san lazaro mall riding a cab. hehehe... anyway, after we ate lunch, we went to the "world of fun" and played games like first-timer children very excited and doesn't knoe which game machine to play first. lol.

tomorrow would be our long quiz in anatomy about mediastinum again and luckily, we'll have no class in the morning. so i have time to study biochemistry tonight wherein the coverage is very long and doesn't have to worry about anatomy for tomorrow because i still have time to study tomorrow morning. anyway, i haven't bought a gift yet for the class "bunot-bunotan", i'm really worried, im having a shortage, yeah and would you believe? im having a shortage for money... i can't manage to ask my parents for money... lol. and the harder i try not to spend money, the more uncontrolled i am in spending. lol.

there is no scheduled class on wednesday except for the biochemistry departmental exam about nucleic acid and its metab etc. hay, i really don't like that particular subject matter... anyway, after that, we'll be having lunch in morato, i can't remember the name of the resto, it will be abby's (panganiban) birthday celebration... then in the evening, we'll go and celebrate the yearly paskuhan in uste. yehey! the christmas party of our class will be held after the paskuhan in abby's (quintos) house. then after the party, ill be going home to pangasinan. i wasn't supposed to go to pangasinan till december 25 because we'll be having christmas here in QC but since my dad can't celebrate christmas with us here in qc, i have to go home to drive mom and my other siblings here... tsk! hehehe...

wahat! i just received this text message from eugene that says: "May pasok ang physio to accdng 2 physio dep. Tatapusn daw mga unfnishd sgd. 7 am pa rn daw"

what the hell naman eryt?! plans destroyed. lol... hehehe... owkay i think i really need to go. paalam!

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