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today is friday, im in the columns in makati. my groupmates in physiology will be staying here together with some of our classmates as our subjects for our research. i haven't talked about our research yet here in my blog. well, just so you know, we have this research which is required in physiology in order to finish first year. LOL... anyway, it's all about testing what would be the most effective type of breakfast that a medical student can eat to increase attentiveness . well, as we all know, we need to be very attentive in order for us to be alert and focused during class. anyway, it was concluded that those who eat breakfast are more attentive that day than those who doesn't eat anything in the morning. well, we actually try to follow that, to eat breakfast everyday in order to be attentive in class but somehow, still there are times we were not able to concentrate in the class especially if the subject matter is boring or if the day after that class, we had a huge exam that we were so tired to listen to another lecture. anyway, enough about our research, basta, our research's main point is to knoe which kind of breakfast would make us more attentive in class. hehehe...

so now i'm already in james' crib, yeah the column! wohooo! very nice. i was in glorietta a while a ago, i was with my brother. actually, i was supposed to cancel our shopping there because i was very tired because we were forced to dissect the rotting cadaver in school so when i got home i felt very sleepy and got to bed immediately. when i was already in bed, i drowsed a bit then i didn't noticed i was already having a long sleep. my brother was in school, well that's what he said or maybe he was actually somewhere with his gf, i just don't knoe, and the plan was just to meet up in glorietta after his and my class. i woke up because of his call, he was actually in glorietta already. he was like mad because i was still in the house. hehehe... so i rushed packing things up for the research and went immediately in glorietta. anyway, so we bought some gifts, for dad and our brother raje. aun! so after that, we ate dinner then he went home alone because i have to go here in james' place for the research.

and so i'm already here... im the first to arrive. lol.

anyway, i had my caffeine fixed, it was a cold latte (yup, the nut thing? lol) eventhough i was having throat problem. lol i fell sick actually...

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