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wohoo! i'm back! in just a few seconds lang... hahaha... i just want to say that eugene again texted us that the subsection C2 where i belong doesn't have to go to school tomorrow morning because we doesn't have any unfinished business already. anyway, since im back and i still have enough time to blog i just want to say something about the 2007 starbucks planner.

everyone's going crazy about this starbucks planner especially the first timers. lol. anyway, i had funny experiences with this planner already with people who are going gaga over it. there was this one classmate of mine asking people for receipt in order to fill-up the stars in his coupon. why? i dunno, maybe he doesn't have money for a cup of coffee, or doeasn't actually drink coffee and just want to get the planner or let's say ahmmm... well the most probable reason is that he can't afford the coffee... im sorry about that but hey, the truth really hurts...

another encounter was when i was in starbucks timog studying and was in a queue to buy a drink. there was this old fat guy who was claiming for a sticker from a pre-stamped receipt. and here's the catch, the receipt was already crampled and the date of purchase can hardly read, the bartender explained that she can't put on sticker in his coupon because the date of purchase wasn't clear already so she can't tell if the receipt was still valid. he was persistent and even demanded to talk with the branch manager. the branch manager still refused to give a sticker so the fat guy finally gave up, but he said sumthing like "kilala ko ang may-ari ng starbucks, i-rereport ko kayo" then he left. the bartenders discreetly laughed with each other when the guy was already gone. pathetic eryt?

i also don't get the idea why people collect more than 1 planner... what's the point eryt? give it as a gift? how sweet! how sad... yeah because maybe they just want to show people that they got 10 planners for the year. lol.

another thing, why are they too excited in getting the planner? the year hasn't end yet. where will they use it? hahaha... what's funnier? i even see people bring these new leather-cased planner for next year in starbucks or sometimes even see someone holding it in the mall. why? the planner is for next year, not for this year, so ahm.... maybe they're already making plans for next year?! hahaha... crazy... show-off!

well, last year, starbucks had a shortage with the planner, i had my planner about late january already... starbucks said, people doesn't have to worry about another planner scarcity because they made enough for this year.

mom got her planner already and i still have 5 empty stars in my coupon. oh well, i just want to say that the planner for next year is not as good as this year or even last year... the only good thing about it is that it has leather case and a pen... lol.

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