long friiiiiday...

this was taken at the biochem laboratory when we did the ELISA test and we got the experiment right so we took this picture as a sign of approval. anyways, this was not included in one of my friday activities but i just want to share... LOL... neways, we also did this experiment about micronucleus wherein we injected a mutagenic substance into the rat and killed it on the following day. We took the rat's bone marrow in its femur... i was amazed on how cute the rat's femur was. we smeared and stained the extracted marrows and tada! we'll be viewing it next week. micronucleaus hunting!

the minor medical mission's my first activity this friday, we were like tole to be in front of the ust med building at around 5:30 in the mawnin but what the hell, almost everyone's late. they arrived like 30 minutes after the said meeting time. we had breakfast in the seminary dining area and i was surprised to find out that we'll be using the UST bus to go to the mission site... hehe. so we decided to take pictures with the bus. LOL... because it was actually my first time riding the UST bus. hehe.

we arrived at the mission site (sitio malasa, tarlac) at around 9:30am, we first had a eucharistic mass to celebrate the immaculate conception. hehe... i knoe... LOL... anyway, after the mass, we went into this small school and prepared for this medical mission. the nursing group were assigned to take the vital signs of the patients, first year med students were assigned in history taking and physical exam, and the higher years were assigned in prescribing drugs, etc. there were a lot of patients and i had a hard time getting the patient's history... there were a lot of rules and of course you must knoe if the patient is actually telling the truth or just making stories in order to get free drugs from us.

we had our lunch at around 2:30 already in the afternoon because there were a lot of patients. after a short break for lunch, we immediately went back to work. we finished at around 4:00pm and were very happy because we can see that the people there are very happy because we gave them a free medical consultation and medicines... before leaving, the seminarians who were also there prepared merienda for us. i was home already at around 7 in the evening.

i was also invited on that day by jc, lovely and kai in their birthday celebration so when i got home from the mission, i ate dinner and immediately went to the party because i thought i was already late since they tole me that the party will start at around 7pm. i was in Pier 1 by 8:30 and was very shocked because there were only a few people that was already there... lotsa foods, beer and picture takings... i left the party at around 12 mn... LOL... very tired...

i went to see some old friends, went to starbucks and people's support to eat yellow cab. LOL...

it was a very tiring friday so i guess i'll be taking my whole saturday as a rest day... i would probably sleep the whole day... eventhough it was really very tiring, i actually enjoyed the company of good friends and im very happy that i learned something new.

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