lol... do not continue reading this post if you don't want to read rants... lol

anyway, guess what? i miss a quiz last tuesday... i still can't believe why i wasn't able to take the quiz. it was a quiz in renal physiology 1. i slept early the night before that quiz and i ended up waking at around 6 in the morning. my class starts at 7 and quizzes are given first thing in the morning. of course i panicked and i tried hard to go to school as fast as i can. i took the cab but still no luck, i arrived there in the projection room where all my classmates and the physician (already discussing about renal2) staring at me like i don't belong to the class. the quiz was over. i was worried because it's so hard to get high grades in physiology... the professor who is discussing is doing great with all the explanations but i can't focus myself with the topic. when the professor gave us a break in the middle of the lecture, i ran and followed the doctor who gave the quiz but she refused to give me a special quiz. damn it eryt? after the break, i wasn't able to focus myself again to the lecture as it gets harder... pfft!

another thing...

you can't really please everybody especially in an SGD session... there are certain people who think they really are smart enough and just want to bury you alive while making a good explanation... i'm talking about people who has a say into anything, and not just that, they talk when someone's still talking. it's all about respect eryt? when i say a person has a say into anything, im pointing into those people who doesn't care about the way another person explains, they just stick into their own mediocre thoughts and think they were the only person right... and eventhough you really have this good discussion and some people's giving you credit for what you did, they still wouldn't believe you did it good, or to a greater extent, won't even still believe in you and try to convinve you that the discussion/explanation you did is garble and make you feel bad. these people think they are smart, they won't really say it but you knoe their minds have this burying-another-person thing. they have this comment about everything and i can't live with these kind of people but UST medicine has a lot of them... you must stay away from them. owell...

have a nice day!

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