owkay, so this is the video of nats singing "barely breathing" taken last week @ OJs in eastwood. hehehe... just uploaded the video so you peeps can check it out... anyway, the song is really good so im posting with it the lyrics of the whole song... njoy!

or just click the link below:

Barely Breathing
by Duncan Sheik

I know what you're doing
I see it all too clear
I only taste the saline
When I kiss away your tears

You really had me going, wishing on a star
But the black holes that surround you
Are heavier by far

I believed in your confusion
You were so completely torn
Well it must have been that yesterday
Was the day that I was born

There's not much to examine
There's nothing left to hide
You really can't be serious
If you have to ask me why

I say good-bye...

1-'Cause I am barely breathing
And I can't find the air
I don't know who I'm kidding
Imagining you care, and I could stand here
Waiting a fool for another day
But I don't suppose it's worth the price
Worth the price, the price that I would pay

Everyone keeps asking, what's it all about?
I used to be so certain and I can't figure out
What is this attraction? I only feel the pain
There's nothing left to reason and only you to blame
Will it ever change?
(repeat 1)

But I'm thinking it over anyway...

I've come to find, I may never know
Your changing mind, is it friend or foe?
I rise above or sink below
With every time you come and go
Please don't, you come and go
(rpt 1)

that's old folks!

I thought high school was the worst part of my life, i mean so far, i thought it was but now i cannot really say it was the worst because of my high school friends. i am very happy to say that these people are still there, will do anything to be there... last friday, jerome texted me that he wants to go out, but i can't manage to go out because i was having a grey's anatomy marathon since honey lend me the 3rd season copy and also because i was broke... well, it's nothing new, i am always broke. lol. then i received another text message, t'was from lau. she was also inviting, to watch the pyro Olympics and to eat dinner in the mall of asia... she said darwin, nats, Richard, jerome and Barbie are coming. i was confused on whether to go or not because I already planned my weekend, I was free last Friday so I had a tv series marathon. Saturday, I was supposed to be studying until Sunday because next week will be our 3rd shifting exams. I asked Eunice if she will be going, she actually wasn’t invited so I invited her because she actually wants to see our friends, Eunice don’t know how to go to the mall of asia because she’s never been there so she was also uncertain if she can actually go. For the sake of seeing each other again, I decided to go and pick-up Eunice in makati… we ended up eating our dinner at around 10pm in greenbelt because of heavy traffic heading the mall of asia. After dinner, we went to eastwood and met-up with Christine. We had drinks @ OJ’s and nats sang a song for us… hopefully, I can upload the video soon. The best thing about this night out? Ahm a lot! I can’t say it all in here… the point is, I totally miss these old folks! I was very happy when I was with them; I thought before that when I meet new friends, the company would be the same, but it was different, I am happier with them and I feel more blessed. Salamat sa inyo hah!

this was taken @ recipes in greenbelt (L-R) ako, barbie, richard, nats, darwin, lau, eunice and jerome

taken @ nat's place in urdaneta city last christmas vacation. mga lasing na... hahaha.

new year sucks! - im having a diarrhea

new year foods taste better than christmas foods. i don't know why but i enjoy eating during media noche more than during noche buena... ahahaha... i was very satisfied with what i had during media noche, maybe because there were a lot of scrumptious foods that were given by our good neighbors... we actually had our christmas in manila and new year in pangasinan, in manila, people or neighbors don't usually have this thing about giving or sharing the food they serve during christmas and new year so what we had in christmas were only the foods prepared by my mom and my tita... im not complaining about the food they've cooked (complaining about lengua? no way!) but it's more fun eating different kinds of foods that were cooked by different people... eryt? anyway, so when we had our new year in pangasinan, i ate many different kinds of foods... yummy eryt? oh i can't remember all of them but i surely enjoyed eating all of them...

after media noche, we went to baguio to celebrate my parent's 22nd anniversary (january 1)... we ate dinner at david's (oh, i ordered my favorite: soy tofu. yum!) and was very full after... it was gluttony and karma was fast, i felt very bad after that meal... then we had coffee and my brother and i were supposed to take a bus from there and head straight to manila but my dad said that we'll just get a bus ride back to manila when we get back to pangasinan because he noticed that the bus station was not crowded with communters. i insisted that we'll get the bus from there in baguio but my dad didn't mind what i said. unfortunately, when we were back in pangasinan, all the buses that pass through pangasinan from baguio or from far away ilocos were all full-packed! wah... i was very tired and not feeling ok (in my gastric region) at that time already then i felt very wierd and irritated... i then started to get angry with my dad because i want to be back in manila that day so that i'd still have a day of rest before school starts. i then tole my mom that we'll just get a bus back to baguio and take a bus there for manila. i was soooo irritated that i wasn't even able to say goodbye to my dad... aww.... i actually felt so bad... we arrived in QC at around 4am? and was very tired... i actually can't remember the exact time but it was already morning and i felt really bad, of all kinds... i feel bad about how i treated my dad, i feel bad because i was tired, i feel bad because i was having a diarrhea.

now im having a totally bad diarrhea... karma. pft!

bad diorrhoea...

after minutes of trying to enter the dashboard of this blogger site, i'm finally in. anyway, it was a short holiday... not long as i was expecting it would be and unfortunately i feel sick now, i'm having a bad diarrhea and a headache... i'm having may caffeine wishing it would fix the headache but to no extent i still feel the pain. i had three bottles of gatorade already and ate a banana to make my watery poop into a formed one. anyway, i'm also feeling pain in my joints... wah... i dunno why... well, i should knoe but i honestly don't, i'm not yet a full blown doctor ok? anyway, damn this is a bad day, i hope there would be no classes tomorrow. i feel lazy going to school... arrgh i think i need to rest, bye.