new year sucks! - im having a diarrhea

new year foods taste better than christmas foods. i don't know why but i enjoy eating during media noche more than during noche buena... ahahaha... i was very satisfied with what i had during media noche, maybe because there were a lot of scrumptious foods that were given by our good neighbors... we actually had our christmas in manila and new year in pangasinan, in manila, people or neighbors don't usually have this thing about giving or sharing the food they serve during christmas and new year so what we had in christmas were only the foods prepared by my mom and my tita... im not complaining about the food they've cooked (complaining about lengua? no way!) but it's more fun eating different kinds of foods that were cooked by different people... eryt? anyway, so when we had our new year in pangasinan, i ate many different kinds of foods... yummy eryt? oh i can't remember all of them but i surely enjoyed eating all of them...

after media noche, we went to baguio to celebrate my parent's 22nd anniversary (january 1)... we ate dinner at david's (oh, i ordered my favorite: soy tofu. yum!) and was very full after... it was gluttony and karma was fast, i felt very bad after that meal... then we had coffee and my brother and i were supposed to take a bus from there and head straight to manila but my dad said that we'll just get a bus ride back to manila when we get back to pangasinan because he noticed that the bus station was not crowded with communters. i insisted that we'll get the bus from there in baguio but my dad didn't mind what i said. unfortunately, when we were back in pangasinan, all the buses that pass through pangasinan from baguio or from far away ilocos were all full-packed! wah... i was very tired and not feeling ok (in my gastric region) at that time already then i felt very wierd and irritated... i then started to get angry with my dad because i want to be back in manila that day so that i'd still have a day of rest before school starts. i then tole my mom that we'll just get a bus back to baguio and take a bus there for manila. i was soooo irritated that i wasn't even able to say goodbye to my dad... aww.... i actually felt so bad... we arrived in QC at around 4am? and was very tired... i actually can't remember the exact time but it was already morning and i felt really bad, of all kinds... i feel bad about how i treated my dad, i feel bad because i was tired, i feel bad because i was having a diarrhea.

now im having a totally bad diarrhea... karma. pft!

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