that's old folks!

I thought high school was the worst part of my life, i mean so far, i thought it was but now i cannot really say it was the worst because of my high school friends. i am very happy to say that these people are still there, will do anything to be there... last friday, jerome texted me that he wants to go out, but i can't manage to go out because i was having a grey's anatomy marathon since honey lend me the 3rd season copy and also because i was broke... well, it's nothing new, i am always broke. lol. then i received another text message, t'was from lau. she was also inviting, to watch the pyro Olympics and to eat dinner in the mall of asia... she said darwin, nats, Richard, jerome and Barbie are coming. i was confused on whether to go or not because I already planned my weekend, I was free last Friday so I had a tv series marathon. Saturday, I was supposed to be studying until Sunday because next week will be our 3rd shifting exams. I asked Eunice if she will be going, she actually wasn’t invited so I invited her because she actually wants to see our friends, Eunice don’t know how to go to the mall of asia because she’s never been there so she was also uncertain if she can actually go. For the sake of seeing each other again, I decided to go and pick-up Eunice in makati… we ended up eating our dinner at around 10pm in greenbelt because of heavy traffic heading the mall of asia. After dinner, we went to eastwood and met-up with Christine. We had drinks @ OJ’s and nats sang a song for us… hopefully, I can upload the video soon. The best thing about this night out? Ahm a lot! I can’t say it all in here… the point is, I totally miss these old folks! I was very happy when I was with them; I thought before that when I meet new friends, the company would be the same, but it was different, I am happier with them and I feel more blessed. Salamat sa inyo hah!

this was taken @ recipes in greenbelt (L-R) ako, barbie, richard, nats, darwin, lau, eunice and jerome

taken @ nat's place in urdaneta city last christmas vacation. mga lasing na... hahaha.

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