i am a schizoid

There was this instance; not very long time ago, a friend and I were in the library studying for the exam that day during a break. We were studying about muscle metabolism and we were like discussing how different kinds of muscles contract, etc. She came up with a question about the biochemical basis of muscle cramps. I told her that cramps are due to lactic acid accumulation in the muscle due to anaerobic metabolism in overused muscles. I wasn’t one of nerds in the class but I know the mechanism of cramps by heart because I learned it ever since I was in high school. I can’t remember though who told me the mechanism but I’m pretty sure I didn’t learn it from school, probably twas from my tito who is a doctor. Ahaha… Anyway, not very far from where we were sitting was a classmate of ours and was also a magna cum laude of our batch in college. My friend wasn’t convinced with what I said. I don’t know why but it’s one of her qualities that I don’t like, I noticed most of the time that she’d not believe in people who she thinks doesn’t do well in class (get high grades)… Well, I can say that I don’t get very high grades in class but I make sure as much as possible that I understand every topic that we tackle. And so she called this classmate and asked her about the cramps. She said twas all about potassium and magnesium going in or out of the cells, she wasn’t even sure if it was the potassium or the other and if it would go in or out of the cell, etc. She was definitely wrong. Maybe if at that moment Hanna, my other friend was also there, she would definitely object about the statement of our classmate. It was the most ridiculous thing I heard. I don’t know where she got the idea but twas surely wrong. Well, after she answered, I’m pretty sure I gave her a doubtful reaction in my face but I didn’t react further. I was disappointed, she should have said she didn’t know the answer or added out that she wasn’t sure of her answer in the end but to what I have noticed, she was like very sure about what she was talking about. I met a lot of people who are like that, and they got numerous when I entered medicine. These people have a say into anything even though they weren’t sure about what they were talking about and worse come to worst sometimes the answer they’re giving is very wrong. When a classmate of mine asks me something and I’m not really sure about the answer, I’d rather say that I don’t know.

I found out that I’m a SCHIZOID, it’s a bad thing but not as bad as schizophrenic because they’re very different. I was studying for psychiatry last night for today’s exam and I discovered about it when I was reading the Intimacy versus Isolation stage of ego development by Erik Eriksson. Intimacy versus Isolation is a stage that includes people ages 21 to forty years old. This stage emphasizes the importance on the virtue of love within a balanced identity. One of the psychopathology of this stage is schizoid and it is defined as someone who loves being alone, loves day dreaming, fear and lack of capacity to love… hahaha… it’s sooo me… hehehe…. When I entered med, I usually spend more time alone, of course I want to study alone then, I watch movies alone, etc. hehe… I don’t know if I am really but im not complaining.

Wah! My schedule’s ruined, there were unexpected things that happened and will happen for sure… hay…

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