I can’t believe we’ve been sleeping in a house for months already with an intruder!

While I was studying a while ago downstairs, I heard our helper going down fast carrying her pillow and a blanket. I was actually shocked to see her and my first thought was she’s trying to run away because she was also surprised to see me still downstairs studying. But I wondered why she’s bringing the pillow and the blanket so I asked her what she’s trying to do. At first I didn’t understand what she’s trying to say because apparently she just woke up from sleep. Then I hear her say something like a friend of my cousin’s sleeping upstairs for like months already. I was in disbelief, and then she said to me to never let Lola and Lolo know about it. I was very shocked really because why is my cousin’s “boy” friend sleeping in the house, in the same room with her. I then realized the real reason why for months already, we’ll catch our helper waking up in the morning downstairs giving us a reason that there’s a “surot” (bed bug?) in her bed. Then my cousin went down and she’s like stunned maybe because of the fact that our helper already told me everything about it. Then she asked our helper to get back to the room and sleep but our helper refused and instead, she started preparing the sofa to sleep. My cousin stayed there for awhile in the stairs waiting for any reaction. I was still in disbelief so I just pretended to be reading what I’m studying until she went back upstairs.

I’m in my room now and I can’t sleep yet, I don’t know why… for an unknown reason.

anyway, i want to forget this thing, because it's running in my mind i can't sleep! i must forget muna about it because i might not be able to concentrate on school stuff! wah! to start with, lemme just share this photo taken last saturday in our medical mission in marytown plaza, katipunan... we had an all-children medical mission but of course, the parents also had their special check-ups. hehehe... anyways, there were a lot of makulit kids, buti na lang i was with em, jeff and sharky. twas their first time, and im happy i had them in because i was given a chance to bring classmates who were interested in joining. ok, we had fun! twas very fun and i hope the help we gave really benefited the families. the medical mission pala was sponsored by ateneo students. hehehe... they were also very nice and humble.

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