don't read, it's a stupid post

my family's watching the spiderman3 while i'm here at starbucks editing some videos and pictures taken during our trip to hundred islands yesterday. i already saw the movie so i didn't go with them. my brother and i watched it on the first day of its showing. we were actually lucky that we found and reserved available seats the day before the first day of screening. i already checked my mail, friendster and downloaded some music for my mp3 player, now i have nothing to do so my last resort is to post into my blog.

i've been reading my pharmacology book by katzung. i'm already in page 135 of the 9th edition. they said, pharmacology is the hardest subject in second year (in UST) that's why i should read in advance... i even heard that professors in the pharmacology department are very strict... we had pharmacology in premed but it was too basic. my tito paul, who's a doctor told me to focus on pharmacokinetics. should i? i've read the chapters under the introduction, receptors and autonomics.

i'm so lame... i can't write now... bye!

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