i call it horrible because it is

I’m a cynic. I guess boredom brought me into becoming one. I saw in my friendster account that "the adamas" visited my profile. Who actually created that not so attention-grabbing account? And when I checked out the profile of this so called "the adamas" which is actually the name of my batch in HS, I automatically got this feeling of humiliation. Shame? What’s written in the profile section is way too naive. The creator should have written something more than what is written. Look; I have this urge to purge myself now for being very insensitive. But it’s true ryt? Okay, and when I started looking at the list of friends of this "the adamas"... I saw bunch of my batchmates, all looking flirtatious, some even showing their pictures with the people they believe are the love of their life, like they want to tell the whole world about their love life, to show that they’re actually happy? Like I actually care? Pathetic, ryt? It isn't cute. For me it isn't. Another thing I noticed, in the comment area is that they actually like to have a reunion in the near future which is way too early for us to have, I mean, not even 10years after leaving the, what I refer to as a horrible school. Expect me to be absent in that upcoming reunion!

I actually went back to that school last week when I drove my brother to school to enrol himself for this coming school year. I was this giddy alumnus who was excited to see and greet my old teachers. Oh yes they were actually really happy to see me! I was actually greeted with “Alumnus ka hindi ba? Heto fill this up” matching with anticipation. I know where it was going. Of course, they need money and all for the alumni homecoming blahs. I got the wrong notion. What is actually my purpose of going back there? I was expecting them to greet me like they’ve never seen me for life but their pick-up line wasn’t very fascinating that after filling up the form, i immediately went back to the parking lot. I feel bad about how the faculties treated me; it’s as if there were too many students at that moment enrolling, that i can understand but the people were just me and my brother. I didn’t notice they were actually that bad, not until i am old enough to read and understand people’s actions. From that encounter, who would want to go into an alumni homecoming?

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