i need an apartment!

i woke up this morning very tired. i thought it was between 7 to 8am but when i checked the time in my phone, it was already 15 minutes before 12noon. i was shocked because it was my first time waking up that late this summer vacation. the latest time i got out of bed before that incident was i guess 9:30am. ima suppose to have my teeth cleaned by the dentist in the morning but since i woke up late, i haven't got the chance. in the afternoon, i went into the bank which i routinely do, then my mother asked me to drive her to the town where she took my sister's grade card because she will be enrolling my sister to school tomorrow. when we were on our way home, we were discussing things about how im supposed to go back to manila. since my enrollment would be on june4, i should be there before that day but i actually don't know yet when will my class start so we were discussing if i would still go back here in pangasinan or not after my enrollment. i was kind of irritated at that time and i think she sensed it. i don't know why i got irritated at that time and im sure it was not because of my mother. maybe because of the thought of going back again in manila and not being able to look for an apartment to live near my school. i am sick and tired of my life as a commuter. i am not happy with it, it tortures me everytime i take a ride in the train, the jeepney, even a cab. i'm not comfortable with it, im afraid of riding public vehicles, i'm a freak you know! also, the hassle that it creates, the time it consumes because of the traffic jams, the feel of tiredness after the trip, the fright that someone might hold-up the vehicle or worse a killer or something. ahahaha... but no joke, my parents should know this feelings i have, that i'm not happy with my situation, and it affects me... but how?

they think it's still okay for a medical student like me with a full load to study and a tight schedule to commute to and from school. of course they can't see what's happening in the streets of manila during these times because they live here in pangasinan, and if ever they saw and experienced it, that was like 1980's when they were also still in college. manila is different now from their time. manila is hotter now where a ride in a jeepney for an hour would definitely tire a person, not only because of the heat but also the feeling of someone might hold-up the jeep.

when we arrived in the house, i was a little depressed and sick about the things that's running in my head. i was asked to pick up my sister from her piano lesson after an hour but i refused. i did refuse but since my dad's busy blah blah, i have no choice. wah! i need an apartment!

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