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My dad's like a woman, worse i suppose. He changes his mind after a few seconds of making certain decisions. So if for example i ask him to buy me a car and he answered yes, i should let him buy the car now or else that car would be only just a dream.

One time, he was planning to buy a new laptop for them to use in Pangasinan. He said he should have the laptop before summer vacation ends so that i can still teach him and my mom stuff about basic computer blahs. When i got to Manila to look for an apartment, i decided to also look for a high end but also a good price laptop. After days of hopping from one computer store to another in search for that laptop, my dad broke the news that he'll not buy a laptop. I was a little disappointed because i got tired whole day searching for the right laptop for them to use, but owell, he's my dad, what can i do?

My dad is also an impulsive dad. Take note that sometimes his impulses are not reasonable. He bought a drum set, they're not just the typical drums, he bought an expensive brand with all sorts of top of the line accessories. He then enrolled himself in a drum class in baguio which he attends to every week. Not yet impressed? He's now taking violin classes once a week.

I watched an Oprah show about this book and dvd entitled 'the secret'. It was said to be about the secret of making your own destiny. So if you want to become successful in a profession you're at, then you must focus your life into it. Your mind should be into it, your feelings should be focused strongly into it, and the actions that you do in your everyday life should fit into what's in your mind and in what you feel. In short, mind, feelings and actions should focus on a single goal.

i was looking for a place to live near ust but i can't find the right place for me. it's been years since i started planning of moving out of my grannies' house in QC because i think i'd be more productive and focused on my studies if i'd be staying near my school. i would probably miss the house when i finally move out and i think there's this some sort of energy that makes me want to stay. i told my parents about my plans of moving out and they've finally agreed when i brought again the topic to them, but now im drawn into this thoughts of still staying in the house. i can't say it's about the people who i live with, the accessibility of neccessary things like food, laundry and etc, but most probably because i have this thing about 'attachment' where i have hard times getting out of something i got used to. i can't say this to my parents of course, because they'de definitely would just agree to just stay in the house because that's what they really want, for me to live in close relatives in order for me to be safe. safe huh? think again!

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