CC: chest heaviness (angina?)

i was emotional last sunday after my parents left. i dunno the real reason why i felt so sad and felt like almost crying. i tried sleeping but things are running in my mind. it felt like i have all the problems of the world. apparently yeah, i have problems, let me say that they are not very big problem but i have many problems, different kinds. ima share one. im having problems with my grades in pharmacology. i passed the 1st shift but now, i think it's way too impossible to get a 75. i didn't pass a single quiz for this shift and i am 9 points behind my long quiz... owell...

i miss my mug, i haven't had my caffein fix eversince my tito took my mug... my new cup's on its way but i just heard, there would be a delay because of how it would be delivered, it's fragile kasi... hahaha... anyways, im listening to regina spektor, she has this wierd voice... can't even describe it... im starting to like her song "hotel song" because it sounds makulit but the other songs were unremarkable, except of course the "samson" which is also good.

okay, so it's medicine week! boring... ATTP will be hosting a free table tennis game at the biochemistry lab later... we'll wear our adynamic shirt... and oh! my favorite this med week? the SC's free coffee! the demand's high but the supply's not enough tho... hahaha and guess what coffee beans they're actually using? from starbucks! yeah, ganun kayaman ang SC ng medicine ng UST! owell, i hafta end this na, i have a quiz in OB... practical exams in clin path will be tomrow, supposed to be later... ok, adios.

current readings:

  • OB - fetal heart monitoring and analgesia & anesthesia
  • clinical pathology manual
  • pharmacology?

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