fools like me, never leave your heart alone...

these are some of many random thoughts i am currently thinking... *im so unpredictable hahaha... here's a few quotes (ku-wowts), they're patented so if you want to copy, you must ask permission from me... hahaha... kidding! (yan i've edited some wrong grammars...)

    ----> cold heart... needs a hug...

  • whenever there are chances that you think the right person comes into your life, grab the opportunity! *big smile

  • collect friends, they can nourish your heart... *wink

  • don't ignore your family, they're your last resort anyway... *bleep

  • patience is the virtue but don't wait too long because time is gold... *pft!

procrastination is one of my experties, it isn't obvious tho... i am in front of my computer today the whole day (imagine...) browsing different sites, checking out some new fads, downloading tons of stuff and checking my mail from time to time... weird... assuming a very important mail... i've updated my music player and now im blogging till death! many classmates of mine, except my close friends of course think i study all the time, like i am a nerd... no, no, no... i am not like that... i love to waste time but of course i also make sure that even though i am wasting time, i still get the time to study, mostly in a hurry or cramming.... it's the pressure that makes my brain absorb everything in the book or the handouts of course... im not a big fan tho of reviewing in the class especially when surrounded by a lot of noisy classmates, i am easily distracted by murmurs... like a cardiologist, don't like to hear murmurs... hahaha... i can be a cardiologist in that sense! i like to enjoy my life, i don't want to get old always studying... i knoe that to be a good doctor, you should get updates and must continue or further study... im taking this path because i want to cure the sick and not to study all the time. hahaha.... but i don't hate studying hence i enjoy every moment of it, i just make sure it's the right thing that i am actually studying meaning i enjoy what i am reading and make sure it will benefit me.

im not sure, i dunno if im really "tamad" or what but sembreak's 2 weeks from now and i can't wait to consume my 2-week break in a very relaxing way... what i mean is to sleep late and wake-up late not worrying about certain stuff especially school stuff and just to do nothing, just to stay stagnant... awful... hahaha... i want to read books that are in my very long list of must-read books but i want my eyes to love me back, he certainly needs a break too... i knoe reading an inspirational or a fiction novel would be a great way to relax but i dunno, something tells me i must do a different kind of activity this time... hmmm.... hahaha... i remember the book "the unbearable lightness of being" by milan kundera which i bought during my medtech days... hahaha, i haven't read the whole book yetuntil now... i always read the book from the start then i just can't finish the whole thing!

there's a party in front of our house and there's a lot of laughing and shouting... hmmm.... very disturbing... hay, okay, end end... i already said a lot of things... if i get bored again, ill surely write another later... later!

currently extensively listening to: "i'll remember you" by sophie zelmani, "kiss the rain" by billy myers, "promise of you" by edwin mccain, "london rain" by heather nova, "have a little faith in me" by john hiatt & "i would die for you" by jann arden.

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