mad @ 3pm

i was irritated when finally, my team members were already gathered and then in the last minute, knowing that the one who will actually measure us cannot come! he should have told me earlier so that my team members did not complain of staying in school for our body to be measured! i was very mad, i had to change the tailoring shop where we'll have our team uniforms tailored. hay... i didn't come with cams and hanna pa naman a while ago because of it...

owell, i had dinner with my elementary friends... hahaha... i was a little shy, it felt weird... awkward... basta, everything feels remarkable... i haven't seen them for years and everything really is different... it feels like i knoe them but i actually don't, so it's weird talking to them that i might say something offensive or whatever... basta it feels right but not right... sorry, i just cant explain it. hahaha.... i had a great night tho... here's a shot:
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