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okay, so my friend feels bad about the thing i posted last february 9, 2007 entitle "i am schizoid". the article is about people especially in medicine who tells something (an answer) to someone (the one who asked) that is wrong. i wrote there that these people who aren't sure of the answers or in what they are saying should not say it na lang, because some people especially those who are actually known to as "magaling" or smart are considered by some that they know everything, so they easily believe to these certain people. so, i stated there an example about a recent experience. i've read the article again and i noticed yeah, i've been harsh to some point but i'm not really mad to someone at that time, as you will notice, there are even "haha's" and "hehe's" in some of my sentences.

there are some points though in my article that i should have considered.
my friend was kind of mad that i actually wrote there something about her that i don't like. i think a friend is not someone who you should like everything about. there could be some qualities of a friend that i like and some that are not. the thing is i actually wrote it here in my blog, which is not a good thing. another thing is that i should have not used that experience as an example because it involves friends. i knoe they can read my blog but yeah, it wasn't a suitable example. another thing, cramps have different types. and the one i was talking about that involves lactic acid is occupational cramps that is experienced by athletes. there is also this acquired type which is due to nutritional insufficiency, hypokalemia or hyperkalemia which can also give rise to cramping. i don't know though the physiology of it but i know that potassium is involved in action potential for muscle contraction. so the answer is almost half-true because it doesn't involve magnesium. oh crap! i should get over it! hahaha... enuf, enuf!

so those who were hurt with the things i wrote in here, im sorry.

another lesson learned!

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