it's not the thing you do in the floor with an "s"... it's a long-time running show and i just got my attention into it! my tito who is a doctor, arrived here from micronesia last month? not so sure if it was last month but anyways, he bought 3 seasons of scrubs in where else?! the very divine Quiapo! i watched the first 4 episodes and i am soooo hooked up! im now downloading the rest of the episodes... it's fun to watch, unlike the recent grey's anatomy, full of drama, in scrubs you can learn more about the real life in the wards. they don't show things about surgery, stitching wounds, doing laparoscopy... instead, they let you see and know more about the stresses doctors and nurses encounter every duty. like for example, how politics run in hospitals, how you should face dying patients, how to deal with angry doctors, etc... and what i like most about it? it has humor! i am stunned on how the main character imagine things, yes, they actually show what he is actually thinking or imagining... there's this episode where he's like listening to a portable player then all of a sudden, he's imagining people in the hospital dancing with the music. hahaha...

here's one of the many funny scenes!

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