a friend of mine gave me this, it's a sad poem...

by C.A.

This seems duh!
but shit i should.
can't take anymore
the joy that exudes.
seldom i recover
seldom i feel
after that sad day
that had been past.
why fear the risk?
moment i call
when all could have been
mine to own,
mine to claim,
mine to have.
fright consumes
the courage i have
to steal the truth
within me.
maybe infatuation,
maybe fun,
maybe love,
but what amazes
is the surprise of hurt
whenever you seem owned.
the doubt that's killing me
jealousy it seems
too often as dispute.
i don't have the right
to own,
to claim,
to have.
i wish you'd stay,
i pray you here
with me even far
yet near all beyond
you own me,
you claim me,
you have me...
but you don't,
you can't,
you won't.
your afraid you say.
your unready.
how could it be right?
how can't it be for us?
for us to own,
for us to claim,
for us to have.
conflict that drives
me and you
to reslove
this feeling that smiles,
mornings that're true,
dreams that caress.
in the most complex
of things and of thoughts
we should conquer
that favor for both...
both of us to just face.
i love you this much,
you love me too you said.
what's wrong?
there's still
none to own,
none to claim,
none to have.
i'll cherish forever
save till last
if allowed.
please take the courage.
it's hard for u to cry
but it's even harder
for me to make u smile
in your tears
that shall kill me.
i could'nt always be
the mine I am
before i met you.
for you mended
my hardened heart.
my strict resolution
of not feeling this
but i doubt for real
that i will be happy
to own you,
to claim you,
to have you.
be mine,
i'll be yours.
we'll make it
if we will...
only if we will.
we own
we claim
we have...
yet we can't.
still we can't.

hermetic wisdom

these were taken from dave's blog and i am posting it here because i want to share it to you. i hope you will be enlightened and be transformed by these simple and beautiful insights of humanity.

The 11 Insights of Humanity

1. Everything is a manifestation of spirit; nothing exists outside of spirit.

2. As spirit is manifested, the whole is contained in every part–that is, in any one thing that you can imagine or hold, the potential for all possibilities exists within it. In other words, “What is here is everywhere, and what is not here is nowhere.”

3. Consciousness consists of vibrations in different frequencies–everything is vibration. Everything around you is a reflection of the state of consciousness you are in; the world is a mirror.

4. Change is the only constant. The only way to acquire anything is to let go of it and not hold on.

5. Everything contains its opposite.

6. Everything has a rhythm. If you are in tune with the universe and with the present moment, you will live in harmony.

7. Every event has infinite causes and infinite effects.

8. Creative energy is reflected as sexual energy/primal energy. Inspiration, enthusiasm, passion, and excitement give energy to our intentions and accelerate the spontaneous fulfillment of our desires.

9. We can direct our energy. What we focus our energy on grows in our lives.

10. True harmony occurs only when there is a balance of masculine and feminine forces in your own being.

11. The inner nature of every being–no matter how evil they may seem–is love. And, we have the ability to reveal anyone’s love through our own love.

don't get upset

i've read a blog post and it's about why he (the blogger) is always so relaxed and happy. he said he never managed to get upset. cool eryt? so what is his big secret that i should acquire in order to be always happy as well? okay, he said that there are 2 things that make people upset, it's either the person get upset because they like to be upset or they don't knoe that in reality, you can actually choose either to be happy or upset, and you choose to be upset. hahaha, this is so true. i admit i easily get upset when something is wrong; not served properly in a restaurant, an appointment that was cancelled, change of plans, bad weather, bad meal, messed up schedule, irresponsible people. these are some of the things that really annoys me. now i knoe that i can actually make my life more relaxing by the advice he wrote. but then let me say that i don't really like to be upset because it upsets me more, so i think what i don't knoe before which makes my life miserable because i get upset is that i can actually choose to be happy than being upset. okay here's a case; i really enjoy the sun, i love the beach... anything about the sun makes me happy. so for example i have a plan of going to the beach but then it rained, i would normally get upset eryt? because i should be enjoying the sun in the beach if not because of the rain! but then, since i have no control over the weather, it's my choice if this bad weather will actually make me upset. the secret there according to the author is to be open about everything, to accept that there are certain circumstances in our lives that we cannot actually control, that we can then do alternative things to make us happy. there are things in this world that we cannot really control such as a person's attitude, the atmosphere, accidents and the like so we should accept that these things can actually make people upset and it's up to us if these things will actually make us upset... we just hafta be open about it... we are free to choose; happy or upset? it is as simple as that.

sorry if this post's kind of upsetting... hahaha...

who is #13?

house md ended its third season without his fellows, and aired its pilot episode of season 4 diagnosing on his own. hahaha... foreman resigned, chase was fired, then cameron quitted... the team was great and i like it, so i was a little disappointed when they were gone at least in the first episode of season 4. in my opinion, the 3 will be back soon because there are some clues in the show that tell us that they'll not actually leave the show, or better will soon work back with house. but then again, of course house was forced by cuddy and wilson to recruit new doctors and create a new team. so there, the most striking and most popular i guess is # 13. why is she called number 13? actually, house don't want to knoe their names (yet?) so he labeled the candidates with numbers. and this number 13 has no name yet until now. he still calls her number 13 despite calling other candidates by their names already. hmmm.... house's love interest? possible, the fact that number 13 is actually and really beautiful, sexy, smart and she really looks like a real hot doctor. hahaha... we just hafta wait for that... remember when house told cameron why he hired her? hahaha... yeah... so i think house has this something for number 13.

so who's number 13? based on my research, she's olivia wilde... she is alex kelly in "The OC" and i think she'll be a regular on the popular tv series basing it from her unofficial website pertaining to her as "the new House resident..." ahm, she also starred in some recent films like "turista", "alpha dog" and "the girl next door". ahm so there you go, she'll be staying in the show making every episode more interesting... hahaha... njoy!

inday's blog

guys, you gotta check this out! i was quite impressed in inday's blog. her blog's more updated than my blog and she's more articulate than me plus the fact that she's very expressive in her posts... hehehe... owell, the site contains the blog where she writes almost everyday about everything, she even has her comment about the G2 bombing, etc and also she answers all your questions and comments! o dba? the site also includes her biodata, guestbook, and of course details about the maker of the blog because she's not as we all know real. eryt? but it's fun reading her blog, it's a cool way to start a day by reading an article in her blog... hahaha... stress reliever... njoy! ingat baka mag-nose bleed!

trick or treats!

my gradeschool cousins went partying somewhere i can't remember, i can't remember because i am already sleepy, the funny part is, i was the one who drove them to the party... but i still can't remember. i can't believe the fact that i am not taking the remedial exam in pharmacology, i don't consider myself tho to be lucky because i still failed my second shifting grade. owell, im already sleepy but i can't sleep yet because i have to pick up these little monsters on the picture from the par-ta-e... they're very lucky, i was deprived of these parties when i was at their age... there were no halloween parties, no trick or treats, no costume parties. but now, look at them! tomorrow will be my lolo's birthday and i think his children aren't happy that he doesn't want to celebrate. hahaha... they were planning na lang of going to Baguio tomorrow and just have some fun since my lolo is KJ. my tito wants me to drive, but my mind is already set that ill stay here in manila and rest until my parents arrive on saturday. i don't knoe if the plan will push through but i hope not, i want to rest, i need my own time also... i am even planning of going to the mall alone and watch a movie on my own with a perfect coffee of course from bux... anyways, i am currently listening to the soundtrack of the Scrubs TV series and they're all very nice, i've downloaded the songs from all the seasons and everything are ok. i haven't downloaded yet the whole season 1 episodes and i don't think i can finish the season because i am now into something new, like downloading the weekly grey's and house episodes. as a matter of fact, the house episode 404 was only available today, and i am currently downloading it in limewire... i usually download the 2 series during fridays when grey's new episode is already in the net but last week, i just had the grey's copy and no house copy yet, for a reason i don't know... then the 405 episode of house should be available now but i still cant find the torrent or in limewire. owell, beautiful day by U2 is now in repeat mode... it's a happy song and i am loving it... hahaha... pa-parap-papa... love ko 'to! later...

coffee jelly caramel machiatto

we were in baguio last night and i had starbucks again ever since i can't remember... hahaha... yeah, i cant remember the last time! owell, SM baguio's on sale, we were kind of hesitant pa nga on going to baguio last night because of what happened in G2 yday... e wala makain sa bahay kasi plan talaga to have dinner sa taas... hay, it was sooo cold, and my mom and raje didn't brought their jackets because nico tole us that it wasn't that cold because he's already up there in the morning because he has to see his special someone who just had a red cross seminar in one of the hotels there. un! hahaha... and i heard, cha, my mom's barista friend, and my friend na din will soon be assigned in manila, but unfortunately, in rockwell makati, sana in morato branch na lang or cubao... tsk tsk tsk... owell, na-kwento ko lang, pampalubag loob kasi hindi okay yung dinner namin, bad food... hay...

ZOLA resto in baguio, not recommended...

oh crap, don't eat here... ive seen this resto a very long time ago when we go to baguio and i only had a chance to try it last night... their food, for me is not palatable or worse inedible... they taste like paper... it's very dry... i ordered their chicken and pork kebab and the 'd pit's kebab's far tastier and better compared to theirs... and the rice, imagine a very dry rice with curry powder? not good eryt? i thot it was just the kebab but when i tasted what my brother and my mom ordered, yuk! i really don't recommend it. plus the fact that their waiters are incompetent! when we were still deciding what to order, of course we asked the waiter some details about their food... oh crap, they don't knoe! they even served a wrong dessert! the only good thing about this resto is that they offer free wifi to their customers so i had the chance to check my mail and blog in my PDA when we were there. i recommend it tho to people who smoke and those who just want to make "tambay" with their laptops because as i have said, free wifi! but overall? id rather eat in the food court area of the SM baguio. hahaha... bad service + bad food = bad resto.

coffee alamid

my mom recommended this coffee shop near the entrance to kennon road, and i am here right now... she said they have this nice concept inside the cafe and i should try their coffee known as alamid. ahm, it's kind of expensive so ill just try it once i come back here with my parents LOL... since it's not that far away naman from our house. anyways, they also have free wi-fi access for their customers. yipee! i want to upload the pictures but i think my time's not enough because i have to pick up my sister from her piano class so i should leave at around 3:15pm... ahm, ill just share this picture of our papaya in our backyard... very very productive... huh?

okay, if you are curious about coffee alamid, it's made from beans defacated by an alamid... i don't knoe tho what is alamid but i think it's a wild animal, im just not so sure about it. and un! the cafe's known as S.O.U.L. cafe and it's located along mac arthur highway near the entrance to kennon road, it's beside the shell gasoline station. wala lang, share ko lang...

impaired thought content and process

ahm, im here in pangasinan already, got lots of pictures that i want to upload but i just can't do it because the connection's so slow. there's no broadband connection here in our house in pangasinan, we're still using the old dial-up connection. my brother and i arrived at around 8pm last night, our parents picked us up at the station. it was raining when we arrived in the station so we were lucky they were already there waiting for us. another prob of mine is that the globe signal here is very low, i would be lucky if my fon has a single bar in its signal indicator because most of the time, there is no signal... ahm, i did my usual routine a while ago when i am here on vacation, to go into the bank, and deposit money. hahaha... of course i was greeted again by the bank people with hi's and hello's and "andito ka na pala, bakasyon?" hay... it's always like that, ahm luckily, i never heard them yet saying "pasalubong?" LOL. owell, im not complaining but im very shy kasi with people her in our place because they think im a manila boy. ewe! oh crap! iont want that impression, im just a regular probinsyano in manila who's trying to reach his dreams! hahaha...people here in our place still has this mentality that manila is the best place to live and would actually think that it is a nice place to go to. yeah manila is okay, there's a lot of things you can actually do in manila especially at night but there are also not so good stuff in there like heavy traffic especially on fridays, rampant cellfon snatching and the like. owell, now im pretty much bored, it's very obvious, im writing a very long blog just talking about sort of things that will actually come into my mind... but at least i don't have to go send and pick-up my brother and sister to school... it's one of the things that i actually do when im here on semestral breaks. i can now say no to my parents... hahaha... i think it's a bad thing tho, and also that i can now actually argue with them about certain things and more often than not, i rule these arguments... im such a bad son... lol, but i argue with them still with an intact manners... im still respectful to my parents eventho we have a lot of arguable issues. owell, i remember my lolo, he tole me a few months after i graduate in medtech that we are already in the same level because according to him i am already a professional like him (he's a retired engineer, just so everyone will knoe, hehehe). it didn't came that into my mind, that we're already in the same level. he tole me that i can now be on my own blah blah... and the like... he even tole me that i can now go out and get back to the house the latest time i want, then i was waiting maybe he would finally say that i can now leave the house and find a place to stay! hahaha... owell, im not like that, i still treat them as my lolo, my lola, my dad and mom, iont want them to feel like i knoe more than them just because i am already a professional and the fact that i am learning more and more because i am in med school. my respect for them is always there... my dad talked to me a while ago during lunch time about med and i was like explaining to him some things about physical examination, how it is very important, the clinical impressions blah blah... then he was like listening very closely to me, i was like in one of the small group discussions in pharmacology class under dra villar. he was listening very well, like he really wants to knoe what i was talking about. iont think he's interested, i think he just wants me to feel that i can be a believable doctor someday. awww, im thinking sooo bad, okay, he probably would want to knoe but hey, did he really? anyways, if i finish med school, ill be the first doctor in the clan of malala, so i am like an alien to them. my dad's the one very excited about me finishing med school, he would ask me things about health, what he would supplement himself, what he should and shouldn't eat, gah! and another evidence why i said he's the one very excited is when we were having a conversation with my mom about how i feel like quitting medicine after a passed the board exam, he was like telling me "o, saglit na lang yan! 2 years na lang eh..." hahaha... okay about the quitting thing... just so everyone would knoe, i had a crisis! med school or medtech! when i passed the board exam, i was in crisis, i am in pain in medicine, surely it came into my mind that i can now actually find a job and be happy with my monthly salary. my tito, who is a doctor in micronesia was even tempting me of sending my resume to him and he'll get me in the hospital where he's working... all these things, made me think of changing my career. owell, im still firm with my dreams huh? okay, i should stop now right here, it's already very long, someone reading this would probably be drowsy right now, it's not interesting... im not a good writer i knoe, i just love to talk and write... hahaha... so sorry about that. good night! sorry about the wrong grammars, iont want to re-read what i wrote, i get bored reading them. hahaha... nyt ulit!

House, M.D. trivia... from IMDb

The show takes place in the Mercer County area of New Jersey. In the opening credits, there are shots of various locations around the area of Princeton, Trenton, West Windsor, and Plainsboro, including Princeton University. The hospital, Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, is based on a real hospital in Princeton, Princeton Hospital, the University Medical Center at Princeton. An Executive Producer and the director of the pilot episode, Bryan Singer, is from the area, and attended West Windsor-Plainsboro High School.

The aerial shots of the hospital are actually of the back of Frist Student Center at Princeton University.

In the episode where Wilson moves in with House (Season 2), House's tivo list is shown. One of the saved programs is "Blackadder", featuring Hugh Laurie.

Hugh Laurie's own father was a doctor, and he feels a twinge of guilt at "being paid more to become a fake version of my own father."

During Hugh Laurie's audition, David Shore says that Bryan Singer, one of the executive producers, said, "See, this is what I want; an American guy." Singer was completely unaware of the fact that Hugh Laurie is British.

Hugh Laurie auditioned for the part of Dr. House via video shot in a hotel bathroom in Namibia, where he was shooting the film Flight of the Phoenix (2004). "It was the only place with enough light," the actor claimed.

The motorcycle that Dr. House owns is a 2005 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Replica.

Although the Diagnostic Medicine team deal with all types of diseases, House and his colleagues hold titles in various subspecialties: Dr. Foreman is a neurologist; Dr. Cameron is an immunologist/allergist; Dr. Chase is an intensivist. As for Dr. House, he is double-certified in infectious disease and nephrology (as mentioned in episode #1.3).

The show was inspired by The Diagnosis Column in the New York Times Magazine which spotlights unusual medical cases. Executive Producer Paul Attanasio came up with the concept and pitched it to the networks as a medical procedural. Creator David Shore revised the idea into a character drama where the medical cases became the instrument instead of the focus of the storytelling.

In his office, Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) has posters from classic films Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958) and Orson Welles's Touch of Evil (1958).

The Production Company credit at the end of the show for Bad Hat Harry productions ("That's some bad hat, Harry") is a reference to the movie Jaws (1975).

Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) is an intensivist, a doctor who specializes in intensive care. This specialty is new and uncommon in the United States, but well-established in Australia, where the character is from.

Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison became engaged in December of 2006. This was at roughly the time they were shooting the first episodes in which their characters, Dr. Chase and Dr. Cameron, began a romantic relationship.

Dr. Gregory House was based on Sherlock Holmes... but Holmes, in turn, was based on a Doctor that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew while studying medicine, a Dr. Bell, whose specialty was diagnosis.

Robert Sean Leonard was the first actor to be cast.

Sándor Szakácsi, the Hungarian voice of Dr. House died in March 2007, he could only finish the dubbing of 11 episodes of the second season. As a tribute to him, the TV channel decided to use the unfinished work, therefore in the first half of episode 12 of season 2 we still hear Sándor, then the new voice, János Kulka takes over the job. The commercial break (there is only one in Hungary) is inserted where the change takes place - actually in the middle of a scene.

When a student in the audience of Hugh Laurie's edition of "Inside the Actors Studio" (1994) asked Laurie if he thought Dr. House should be romantically involved with Cameron, Cuddy or Wilson, Laurie said: "I suspect that if the show runs long enough, he's going to run through all of them. What order that unfolds in is not for me to say. I think any of those relationships is, of course, believable. Two people can always find some comfort or attraction, so I think all are possible. I think Robert [Sean Leonard] might have something to say about it... I don't know how Robert would take that. But you know, I'm game."

From a promo picture for the show's fourth season, it was discovered that Dr. Wilson received his undergraduate degree from McGill University in Montreal, QC. He'd been seen previously wearing a McGill sweater. He also received a degree from Columbia University's "School of Oncolgy" [sic].

A running joke of the series is that Lupus is almost always suggested as one of the possible causes of the patient's symptoms, although it is never the culprit (House even remarks that "It's never Lupus"). The reason for this may be that the disease has a wide variety of symptoms and can disguise other medical conditions.

SPOILER: David Shore has said that the character of House is inspired by the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, particularly with regard to drug use and his desire (and capacity) to solve the insolvable. House uses Holmesian deductive techniques to diagnose his patients' problems. References to the sleuth range from the obvious (House's apartment number being 221B) to the subtle (his friendship with Dr. James Wilson and the similarities between the names House and Holmes, and Wilson and Watson). In the very first (pilot) episode the patient's last name is Adler, and in the last episode of season two, the last name of the man who shot House is Moriarty. House's act of faking cancer in "Half-Wit" (Episode 15 of Season 3) is similar to the Holmes story, "The Adventure of the Dying Detective" in which Holmes fakes a deadly eastern disease to catch a criminal.

*oh and i also want to put here the quotable quotes from house,md wherein most of them are very funny... but the list's very long so ill just share the link:

CC: hypersomnia


major depressive disorder
chronic insufficient sleep

iont have sleep disorders, so disregard narcolepsy...

been drinking? nope ever since my birthday party

idiopathic? iont think so...

it's either depression or due to chronic insufficient sleep. so how would i know? history? hmmm.... after the pharmacology long exam (oh good, i really can't leave this thing behind!) my life became miserable, i wasn't able to study for the other exams... i thought my med career's about to end, but no, it was just pharma... fortunately, even though i haven't studied for my other exams, after having long sleeps during the exam week, im happy with my performance, not because they were all high but they were just okay...

Salient features?

nearly everyday depression (ahm, i think mine's every day for the past week or two)
diminished interest in pleasurable activities (like sex? LOL)
feeling of worthlessness
indecisiveness and impaired concentration

Hahaha... Dx: Major depressive disorder... (and i am laughing out loud!)
not so possible outcome: Bipolar mood disord! hahahaha...

Rx: (Treatment)
all i want to do now is to experience again how to become ordinary, to feel happy and not to worry about some things... to satisfy my cravings... to be awake until the sun is up and to sleep in my bunk 'til the sun sets in... to overdose myself with caffeine without any reasons of doing such, to drown myself with laughter in the arms of my family... plain and simple...

medicine makes my life miserable but it's one of the best pains of my life... it's like an endless painful sublimity... better than sex, better than orgasm.

LOL. paka-drama lang... njoy sembreak!

i wish i am a superhero

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Mr. Freeze
Riddle me that, riddle me this, who is obsessed with having a battle of wits??

Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...

fake diplomas and univ boo-boos

okay, i realized that maybe we filipinos over-reacted about the desperate housewives slur... oh good, i have weird things in making certain decisions... im a filipino so i must be defensive orayt but hey! owkay, the show was a comedy show, it's not realistic, it's not discovery channel. we were hurt because it was true? look, ive made a small comment about it in one of my recent posts and i think the quality of education in the philippines is actually degrading... plus the fact that filipinos can actually do fake diplomas right? they're very much popular along recto... there are a lot of cheating issues like the one that happened in the nursing board exam last year. of course the whole world heard about it so the joke is on us! joke about how medical education is here in the philippines. and it was funny... hahahaha.... we should not over react because there are actually lots of major issues concerning our country, and for me this slur issue is only a minor issue, so we should not make it a major one! okay, im making it... just now... what im trying to say is that we should not let these things affect us... ive been reading the paper and there are still a lot of articles related to it and they're not actually helping. the show was shown i guess 2 weeks ago? why are they still making such comments? the show is a comedy show and we should not take it seriously...

moving on, i noticed that for the past days, ive been posting taglish posts... hahaha... and i don't knoe why... anyways, i saw this pic at FISH TANK http://margeeboo.blogspot.com/ and it is really funny! how it reflects the quality of education in this particular school? oh im not bragging but seriously... why this thing happened? im not a good writer, my blog has a its flaws and lots of crazy spellings but hey it's the univ's name... you should at least knoe how to spell it... and i should also admit that some thomasians don't knoe the spelling of SANTO TOMAS... some write SANTO THOMAS? hahaha... okay, enuf!

MOA inhibitors... hahaha... (mao inh)

Crap, im sooo tired... yday my tita who came from london asked me to drive and help her shop at the mall of asia. wala syang kapaguran! siguro, nalibot namin buong mall of asia... we went in kultura where there you can buy filipino products and she was like checking everything because she was looking something to give to her boss. we ate lunch at around 2pm na, and i was soooo hungry... nahiya lang ako na sabihing kumain na kami... hindi ko kasi gusto na ginugutom ako especially kung nasa mall... hehehehe.... ayun! nakalimutan nya sigurong 2pm na kasi tingin pa din sya nang tingin ng good buys... after eating lunch, lakad ulit... kwento pa sya ng things na dpat d2 nya na binili instead sa london kasi cheaper pa din daw... hehehehe.... hinanap pa namin hush puppies na sobrang tagal naming hinanap, she was looking for this particular shoes na nakita nya ata sa london... e nde naman namin mahanap yung shop. tapos may shoes pa syang hinahanap na nakita nyang dala ng co-worker nya galing d2... e her co-worker can't remember what's the brand of the shoes, all she could remember was that she bought it in mall of asia! kamusta naman yun dba? so we entered every shoe-selling shop para lang mahanap yun! tapos, havaianas is on sale! 20% off at all flip flops... andaming tao sobra tapos konti na lang mga pagpipilian... then, may hinanap pa kaming watch named after a famous artist daw... i can't remember the name, basta it starts with letter A. hahahaha... and nung nahanap na namin, wow cool pala nung mga watches... na-tempt ako bumili soon... we went home late and was very tired until now when i woke up... luckily, maluwag ang traffic last night sa edsa! yohoo sarap magdrive... and james cancelled his party last night and moved it next week, kung hindi, baka hindi ako nakapunta

Last thursday, we surprised eugene because it was his birthday. syempre eugene is very special to section C because he's a dakilang president of our section. mas okay pa siguro sya kay gloria... hahaha... un! every subsection had their contributions hah! and un, may BBQ, pizza, chips, juice, and cake from chokiss! wow!

after party ni eugene sa gazebo ng medicine, umuwi na kami! wah, may testimonial dinner kami! owell, we were late... when we arrived, the thanksgiving mass was about to end and so we waited outside kasi nahihiya na kami pumasok, after the mass we came in and there were no available seats already for us! buti na lang the faculty secretary guided us and made us sit in the "topnotchers" area... hahaha... we actually did! so we're in front near the tables where the dean and the faculty members were actually sitting... un! the foood was better than the food that we ate in the oath taking ceremony at the manila hotel... may lechon pa and tempura... yum...

After the testimonial dinner, i immediately went to gateway because i was late for a meeting with a friend. We were supposed to watch a movie but since i was late, wala nang movie, we just cheched out the bonsai exhibit. we were taking pictures in every cool bonsai, nagpaalam kami sa mga nag-aayos... but no! bawal pala magpicture taking.... hahahaha... lumapit si manong guard at sinabihan kami... owell, we didn't knoe and pinayagan naman kami, pero bakit sinita kami ng guard? hahahaha.... unfortunately we already had a lot of bonsai shots so wala na sya magagawa... hahahaha... here's a sample:

i want my old self...

there was this one time when cam offered me a ride until pegasus in QC that i realized that im getting lazier and lazier in school. while she was driving i tole cam that i feel like i am not myself anymore since taking the board exams. she used to tease me bibbo because im soooo ma-aral daw and very active in class, but now i tole her that i am not the old dak. i didn't study for boards. half true. i didn't enroll in a review center nor study during summer break, i didn't study but 1 week before the examination day. i crammed, created possible mnemonics just so i can memorize all i should memorize. every night i studied for boards as long as im free from my assignments in medicine and sometimes even sacrificing quizzes, i worked hard just to make sure i could pass. Yes, i passed and i dunno, i feel so tired already... the first semester's about to end yet i feel like it's summer vacation that im facing... it affected my grades sooo much that i should double my effort next semester!

i am now a sluggish medical student, like an entamoeba coli swimming in a watery shit. it's getting worse pa after the pharmacology shifting exam, i want my old self... help me!

everybody hates pharmacology... if there's a bully in med school, for sure pharmacology un! after the shifting exam yesterday, the fire alarm rang and i guess it was due to the pharma exam! hindi na siguro mapigilan nung second year med student ang nararamdaman, the hatred brought by the pharmacology exam! it was a better outlet to punch the fire alarm than to burn one of the pharma prof's cars. the exam was sooooo hard i think 90% of the batch failed the exam. majority even got the wrong drug in prescription writing! what the heck dba? owell, it was very depressing that we pigged out again... the crepe was good.

i read boo chanco's article in phil star today page B4 and i soooo much agree in what he had written. his first line goes like "First of all, the unfortunate slur on Pinoy docotrs on Desperate Housewives is just plainly stupid.". He has a lot of relatives pala who are great doctors here and abroad so he really should know. He said there that CHEd is largely to blame due to the deterioration in the quality of local medical education. According to him, the CHEd allowed the proliferation of medical schools with no due regard to quality training in terms of faculty and teaching facilities. i was shocked to knoe that there are actually 38 medical schools in the philippines, not including the new ateneo med school. andami pala, inisip ko tuloy where are those other medical schools... hay...

okay, stop na... sana maging okay na ang lahat... ayoko ma-depress, hindi ako maka-aral...

tinea cruris and shawarma...

for the past few days, been very busy! i want to share certain things such as oath taking, blahs... but i don't have time now, soon kwento ko... ill be posting pics din pala, andami kasi, matagal mag-upload... share ko na lang this kind of funny conversation wit camille over YM:

camille pers: ui bkt kaya gnun
camille pers: parng d ko maabsorb
camille pers: nagpnta si sep
camille pers: dnalan ako ng shawarma
camille pers: parng weird ng feeling ko
camille pers: bkt kaya?

James Abraham Malala: erm?
James Abraham Malala: sorry kakaakyat ko lng
James Abraham Malala: ang init e
James Abraham Malala: nde ko matiis
camille pers: yup
camille pers: d ako makaaral e
camille pers: pero wag ka mahahawa
camille pers: hm

James Abraham Malala: shawarma?
camille pers: bkt gnun
James Abraham Malala: sarap nman nyan
camille pers: bkt kaya weird??
James Abraham Malala: weird?
James Abraham Malala: ung?
James Abraham Malala: ano nmang weird sa dinalhan ka ng shawarma?
camille pers: d ko lam...
camille pers: un nga e
camille pers: hm..
camille pers: bkt nya kaya ako dinalan
camille pers: busog nga ko

James Abraham Malala: bka may kasalanan
camille pers: basta kinain ko lang shawarma
camille pers: ui san ka na sa pharma?

James Abraham Malala: gus2 ko din shawarma
James Abraham Malala: diuretics p lng
camille pers: sana sau nlng
camille pers: hehe
camille pers: ako antianginal plang

James Abraham Malala: anong weird b? weird good or weird bad?
camille pers: weird i dunno
James Abraham Malala: weird...
camille pers: parng may makati na d mo mhanap
camille pers: gets?
camille pers: o basta un
camille pers: aral na tau

James Abraham Malala: erm? an-an?
James Abraham Malala: buni?
James Abraham Malala: hahaha
camille pers: haha
James Abraham Malala: cge aral na tau!
James Abraham Malala: njoy
camille pers: tinea cruris

hahaha... so bye for now.

kiss the rain

i hate the rain bcos im a cat... a growling tiger! *growls* yuk, baduy... id rather walk under the sun, that's why siguro, im getting darker and darker... i love the sun, the beach, the pool, walking along parks, kahit walang ka-holding hands... hehehe... so for the past days wherein it's raining cats and dogs, hahaha i feel like staying home all the time, that's why siguro i am always late in class and i always want to get home early... and yesterday i thot my "rain rain go away" will come true but after eating dinner at gerry's with friends, umulan ulit... umarya na tuloy katamara, dagdagan pa ng kapaguran, hindi na ko tumuloy sa birthday party ni james at pier1, the fort…


we went to rob galleria last night to buy things for Sunday, and i wasn’t able to buy shoes. I really have a hard time looking for the right shoes for me everytime I want to buy a pair. My feet’s kind of small kasi and im very picky when it comes to shoe styles. Hanna joked out pa nga that we should try in the children’s section. (sana teen’s section na lang…) LOL. Anyways, so later na lang ako bibili at araneta center. Cam wasn’t able to buy a dress; hanna bought shoes that was not in her agenda. *impulses… watch out for hanna’s new school shoes! Hehehe… carlos got his top and bought this clark kent glasses… rhenz wasn’t able to buy ata for himself, but he surely enjoyed gerry’s foods hah! Hehehe… chek out the vid and the pics…

we were supposed to eat at casa armas in the podium since it’s near the galleria, but Camille wants to eat in GH becos there are a lot of food choices, but we ended up eating in gerry’s grill timog! Hahaha… due to some traffic difficulties… aun! We were craving for their crispy pata! Yum… sarap to the bones… hehehe… aun! We were all satisfied, sarap e… ewan ko gutom lang ata kami but enjoy talga… so sira nanaman diet ko… hahaha…

psst! listen to billy myer's "kiss the rain"!

i don't have insomnia, ok?

it's 2 am and im still awake... hahaha.... what song was that again? hehehe... yeah, im still awake, because i need to be awake... i actually slept early then i just got out of the bed, should be studying right now but my body tells me otherwise... 4 exams! imagine that! microbiology, clinical pathology, preventive medicine, ob... my life's miserable eryt? might just as well enjoy it... i've created a multiply account because i was jealous of people who has one... because they can actually do a lot of things in their page. i knoe, i knoe, im such a newbie and it's giving me a headache because they have this different form of editing the skin of the page... they use CSS? while blogger uses html kasi, so un! i have to study pa how to fix the page, create a new skin and tada! i did the so called edit-preview method, and after hours of figuring out where is this and that... ahahah... ok naman kinalabasan... but the skin's not very good pa din. good thing, multiply have this cross-posting feature wherein when i post here in blogger, it would detect and copy the same thing, so im like having 2 blogs with the same content... hahaha... so if you're visiting my blogger, don't read na lang my blog in multiply becos you'll be reading the same thing, akala mo dejavu noh? hehehe... i've noticed that pldt's dsl connection begins to slow down... before, i can download faster and upload in no time but now, wah, it's like waiting for a shooting star!

oh gawd, malapit na oath taking and i have nothing to wear pa on that day! i've been spending a lot of money for the past days and we've been eating like pigs lately... we ate at yellow cab nung monday and we bought pistachio ice cream for camille! syempre, we ate the ice cream too, it was soooo masarap, and expensive din... ayun, gastos here and there! my BMI's normal and last month ata, i was already in the upper limit of normal... oh, you think i'm really thin huh? deceiving eh... so diet-diet na kunyari... so, on friday, we'll buy something to wear for sunday... birthday pa ni james on friday, hahaha... foooood again...

lapit na sembreak! sooo xcited... owkay, aral na ko, 5 minutes for blogging lang... sad...

my horoscope for today! hit me sooo hard...

Your family obligations are at the center of your world right now, and they could be causing a conflict in your social life. Explain the situation to your friends honestly and completely -- don't leave out any details that you think aren't important, because all the information is relevant. They have families too, and will understand why you are reorganizing your priorities. They might even offer to help you out and take some weight off your load.