CC: hypersomnia


major depressive disorder
chronic insufficient sleep

iont have sleep disorders, so disregard narcolepsy...

been drinking? nope ever since my birthday party

idiopathic? iont think so...

it's either depression or due to chronic insufficient sleep. so how would i know? history? hmmm.... after the pharmacology long exam (oh good, i really can't leave this thing behind!) my life became miserable, i wasn't able to study for the other exams... i thought my med career's about to end, but no, it was just pharma... fortunately, even though i haven't studied for my other exams, after having long sleeps during the exam week, im happy with my performance, not because they were all high but they were just okay...

Salient features?

nearly everyday depression (ahm, i think mine's every day for the past week or two)
diminished interest in pleasurable activities (like sex? LOL)
feeling of worthlessness
indecisiveness and impaired concentration

Hahaha... Dx: Major depressive disorder... (and i am laughing out loud!)
not so possible outcome: Bipolar mood disord! hahahaha...

Rx: (Treatment)
all i want to do now is to experience again how to become ordinary, to feel happy and not to worry about some things... to satisfy my cravings... to be awake until the sun is up and to sleep in my bunk 'til the sun sets in... to overdose myself with caffeine without any reasons of doing such, to drown myself with laughter in the arms of my family... plain and simple...

medicine makes my life miserable but it's one of the best pains of my life... it's like an endless painful sublimity... better than sex, better than orgasm.

LOL. paka-drama lang... njoy sembreak!

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