coffee alamid

my mom recommended this coffee shop near the entrance to kennon road, and i am here right now... she said they have this nice concept inside the cafe and i should try their coffee known as alamid. ahm, it's kind of expensive so ill just try it once i come back here with my parents LOL... since it's not that far away naman from our house. anyways, they also have free wi-fi access for their customers. yipee! i want to upload the pictures but i think my time's not enough because i have to pick up my sister from her piano class so i should leave at around 3:15pm... ahm, ill just share this picture of our papaya in our backyard... very very productive... huh?

okay, if you are curious about coffee alamid, it's made from beans defacated by an alamid... i don't knoe tho what is alamid but i think it's a wild animal, im just not so sure about it. and un! the cafe's known as S.O.U.L. cafe and it's located along mac arthur highway near the entrance to kennon road, it's beside the shell gasoline station. wala lang, share ko lang...

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