coffee jelly caramel machiatto

we were in baguio last night and i had starbucks again ever since i can't remember... hahaha... yeah, i cant remember the last time! owell, SM baguio's on sale, we were kind of hesitant pa nga on going to baguio last night because of what happened in G2 yday... e wala makain sa bahay kasi plan talaga to have dinner sa taas... hay, it was sooo cold, and my mom and raje didn't brought their jackets because nico tole us that it wasn't that cold because he's already up there in the morning because he has to see his special someone who just had a red cross seminar in one of the hotels there. un! hahaha... and i heard, cha, my mom's barista friend, and my friend na din will soon be assigned in manila, but unfortunately, in rockwell makati, sana in morato branch na lang or cubao... tsk tsk tsk... owell, na-kwento ko lang, pampalubag loob kasi hindi okay yung dinner namin, bad food... hay...

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